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Maintaining Mental Health by Exercising

In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, exercise is also a part of a healthy lifestyle that everyone needs to do. However, not only for physical, exercise is also good for maintaining mental health, you know. Of course, these benefits can only be felt if you exercise regularly, balanced with other healthy lifestyles, such […]

Studying Golf? It Turns Out! Check out College Majors You May Not Know Before!

Some of us really don’t know at all what kinds of college majors there are. Some of them already have several choices of college majors, but are confused about what major to take. And, there are also those who are confused when they have to decide between their parent’s choice of college major or their […]

No Need to Go to The Doctor, This Method Can Help Overcome Insomnia

Insomnia or difficulty sleeping can be bad for your health. If you are an insomniac, there are several things you can do to overcome it. Various ways are done by some people so that their insomnia is cured, and can sleep soundly at the right time for rest. Not infrequently, someone goes to the doctor […]

Golf is Not As Expensive As You Think, This is Bobby Cahyo’s Explanation

Many people think that golf is an expensive and exclusive sport. This stereotype is what hinders the development of golf in Indonesia. The stereotype that golf is a sport actually makes the opportunity to see new potential and talent thin out. Seeing the current development of Golf, Bobby Cahyo Adhitomo, a former golf athlete who […]

Short Game, This Tpis from Rory McIlroy to Win!

Short Game, This Tpis from Rory McIlroy to Win! Pinpoint wedges have helped McIlroy play some of the best golf of his career lately. Learn his technique and get more shot-saving tips from the four-time major champion. It has been a lot of fun watching Rory McIlroy play golf lately. His win at the RBC […]

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