Organize Your Game with These Tips!

That great golf goals, whether written or typed, studies have shown will make the chances of you achieving them at least 16% greater than if you only think about them? How easy is that?!

These three super-organizing-goals are sure to help you get your play off to a great new beginning in 2021 and beyond. Whether you are just starting preparing for a new year, or you just feel the need for a fresh start, use these great golf goals to get yourself ready. You’ve got nothing to lose but “lost strokes”, so here we go!

1. Outcome Golf Goals or OG’s
OG’s require you to at least think about what you would like to accomplish in the coming year, or what is left of it. Use these goals to give yourself purpose and direction.

Nothing is “etched in stone” as they say, and you can adjust them at any time. In fact, we encourage our clients to review them every month, or so, just to see if they are still appropriate. If you are exceeding them, adjust them up.

If you cannot meet them, no worries, just adjust them down a bit. Failure to reach your most-lofty of goals shouldn’t deter you from future improvement. The idea is to keep them challenging and realistic throughout the year.

Remember, these goals are to give you a “direction” only and are not intended to put pressure on you, or to go to the course with you.

OG Examples:

  • The # of events you hope to play
  • Finishes you aspire to have, top 10’s, wins (be realistic yet ambitious)Events you would like to qualify for
  • A stroke average you would like to achieve
  • Putts you would like to average
  • Any stats you would like to improve, etc.

2. Physical Performance Golf Goals or PPG’s
PPG’s require that you honestly assess your current physical skills, technique, equipment, and conditioning to see how they match up with your outcome goals.

Make a list of the aspects of your physical game that need to be strengthened to reach your outcome goals.

PPG Examples

  • Greater distance or accuracy with specific clubs
  • More consistency with specific putts
  • Greater awareness of distances with each club
  • Development of specialty shots, etc.

    If needed, include:

  • Golf goals for upgrading or changing equipment
  • Take lessons for specific skills
  • Incorporate specific types of drills into either your technical or creative practice
  • Gain strength, improve stamina, etc.

3. Mental Performance Goals or MPG’s
MPG’s require that you take an insightful look at why you have not been playing to your potential or getting the most out of your game.

Make a list the mental skills you most need to strengthen to reach your outcome goals.

MPG Examples

  • Improve focus over the ball
  • Learn to be more tough-minded under pressure
  • Develop skills for better managing emotions
  • Learn skills for handling tension or outcome thinking, etc.
  • Get rid of yips or other conditioned responses
  • Better course management
  • Stay committed to game plan
  • Improve self talk

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