This is the difference between a professional golfer and an amateur golfer

The game of golf is not just a type of sport, because some people consider it a profession as well as a hobby that can bring a myriad of benefits. There is even a stark difference between an ordinary amateur player and a professional golfer. What distinguishes the two? To get to know him more deeply, let’s look at the following reviews.

  1. Difference of View

The most striking difference between professional and amateur players can be seen from participating in golf tournaments. Generally amateur players are not very interested in participating in tournaments, because the main purpose of practicing golf is to satisfy purely personal pleasure without any other purpose.

In other words, they do not consider golf as a profession as a whole. But they prefer to make it the best way to fill their spare time or just have fun, as well as get together with relatives or even members of different golf communities. Then what about professional players in playing golf?

Professional golf players certainly think that golf is not just a sport, but makes it their main job. That is, they have made golf their main profession and must be carried out with full responsibility and dedication. So they make golf a job that they love so much.

In addition to being professional players, those who are so in love with this exclusive sport are interested in taking up a profession that is still closely related to golf. Either become a golf coach or even run a business at a golf club. But keep in mind that being a golfer is certainly not as easy as one might think.

Those who have the status as professional players must pass various obstacles according to the standards and qualifications first. All that requires sacrifice and perseverance so that these dreams can come true. Meanwhile, those who have successfully attained the status of a professional golfer will receive a special marking card.

  1. Differences in Swing Style

The movement of the swing style is one of the ways to differentiate between professional golfers and amateur players. Generally, amateur players don’t get golf training too often, considering that the purpose of playing is just for fun. So don’t be surprised if they rarely use the driving range to practice their swings and strokes.

While the professional players will certainly get special training directly from the professional instructor. They not only practice, but also gain basic knowledge of how to swing and hit the golf ball correctly to score high scores. This is what makes the swings of the two players very different.

At first glance, the two swings and punches of the two people look similar. But it will be more obvious when you have to do a downswing. Generally, professional golf players swing down, then hit the ball towards the desired target. The swing movement managed to produce a fairly high-speed punch.

Very different from amateur players who actually make a downward swing towards the outside of the target line. As a result they have to cross the golf clubs so that the ball can be touched perfectly. Although golf balls can be hit well, unfortunately the swing of a golf club can reduce swing speed and accuracy of strokes.

As for the backswing, professional players will rotate the shoulder completely while keeping the left arm straight throughout the stroke. This one movement managed to create a more powerful punch compared to the punches of amateur players. Then how do the amateurs do the backswing?

Amateurs generally don’t swing their shoulders fully when performing a backswing. They even tend to bend their left hand when they do it. The shoulder that does not rotate properly makes the left arm bend, so that the power of the blow drops drastically.

  1. Tournament Participation

The third difference can be seen from participation in tournaments. Of course professional players will be happy when they manage to enter and win the tournament. Because that’s where they can get money from hard work winning the game. Prizes that can be obtained can be in the form of money or even get sponsors.

Not only professional players, it turns out that amateur players are also allowed to participate in the tournament. It’s just that they will not get the prize from the game. In other words, they are only allowed to play in professional tournaments. If violated, they will automatically not participate in the tournament again and lose their status.


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