Not only skills, here are 6 mental tricks to increase golf scores

Reliable in a sports game does depend on skill. However, it is undeniable that mental preparation will also provide a positive boost in game performance. Similarly, golf requires focus. For that, here are mental tricks to increase golf scores that can be applied to all levels of players.

  1. Rest Before Game Day

Drills and exercises are mandatory. However, too much practice will be a stress that weighs on the player’s brain. For that, it’s a good idea to relax yourself the day before the race takes place. Keep in mind, relaxation does not mean partying or having too much fun, but relaxation with a good night’s sleep and enough.

Ideally, golf competitions are held in the morning. Therefore, make sure you get enough sleep the previous day. In addition, you can also improve your mood and mentality by imagining success in the future. Having a vision of winning and success, can be a driving force to achieve success on the big day.

  1. Focus And Routine

Focus and routine are two things that cannot be separated. Especially for competitions such as golf, which can turn 180 degrees due to various factors. This trick to increase golf scores is considered an obligation that must be done by every player. Even big players or beginners will definitely have a routine to follow.

However, the routine before starting the game must also be considered carefully. Make sure the habit of preparation gives a positive value or at least a motivation booster. In this case, one part of the preparation is the movement to focus. Simple gestures such as chest tapping can be an effective focus trigger.

  1. Field Management

When you drive to monitor the field, don’t be afraid to strategize your use of sticks. This trick will help you make the best choice in terms of ball goal and stroke type. It is recommended not to be afraid to use a shorter club to reduce the risk of hitting it too far.

Doing field management also gives you an idea of ​​the locations you have to conquer. If there is water or bunkers, then you can target the grass at the edges for more hitting space. The same is true for distance calculations based on par. For example par 5, where you can target a hit around 100 meters.

  1. Understand Every Factor

Just like field management and stick selection, it turns out that there are also factors that must be considered. This trick to improve golf scores seems trivial but important. Factors such as wind direction, pin position, area elevation, and other things can unexpectedly change the results of the strokes you make.

For that, do the exercises with various types of factors that exist. One that must be done is to practice using low strokes when playing with strong winds. Learn also the effects of rain, hills, wind, to other things. This way you will be better prepared mentally and with knowledge to fight unexpected conditions.

  1. Motivation To Get Hole Under

Motivation is the key to getting better. For that, keep in mind a motivation to get a better score on each hole. You can record the stroke results on each hole to create a performance target. Then, think about getting a hole under or one stroke better. This will keep you motivated to find the best solution in each round.


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