Here’s How to Calculate Golf Score on Stroke Play

The scoring system in each sport certainly has a significant difference. As is the case in the world of green golf courses. This casual but skillful sport game has a fairly complex way of calculating golf scores. For those of you who want to try this elite sport, it is better to first identify the stages of calculating the value in the following stroke play.

  1. Know in advance what is the term in stroke play

Stroke play can be said to be a calculation system by recording the number of strokes. This is different from recording match play which counts the number of holes. In general, low scores are considered better. But the score itself can change due to many factors. There are several terms that you should be familiar with before taking to the gridiron.

The term scoreboard consists of seven specifications with different definitions. Par is the number of strokes you should have taken. Birdies, eagles, and double eagles (albatrosses) are all under-par strokes. Birdies are -1, eagles -2, and albatrosses -3. The minus value is precisely the score that is sought in this game.

This way of calculating a minus golf score indicates that you can hit less than the expected standard. So the score will be lower. In contrast to the bogey, double bogey, and triple bogey, which means you hit more than you should. For example if par 4, but you hit 3 times it means you get a birdie. If more, you will get a bogey.

  1. Use Scorecard

Calculation of scores from golf can reach very high numbers, moreover one round of golf will use a total of 18 holes. Apart from time and scores, there’s a lot to take into account. Therefore, prepare a score card or scorecard to calculate your value and that of other players.

This is quite commonly done by players or special parties in a team. The purpose of this record itself is to guarantee a sporting result. Each player will record each other’s scores in each round. And at the end of the game each card and the results of the recording will be checked together. That’s why this method of calculating golf scores is important.

  1. Counting Every Hit

Once you know each term, you can count and record each stroke. Keep in mind that every hit with the ball, even if it’s a miss, counts. It’s different if you’re in practice and accidentally touch the ball. It will not count as a stroke.

You need to know that the target you should be looking for is a par or less than par shot. If par is 3, then aim for 3 hits. Excess strokes will be counted as n-over, as 4 strokes means 1-over. In par 3 you also have a potential hole in one, which means one hit goal. At the end of the entire course, your par amount will be added up.

  1. Avoiding Penalties

In addition to overshooting which results in more par-overs, you can also get a bad score from a penalty. Each penalty that occurs will result in additional points, which will make your score worse. How to calculate this penalty golf score depends on the type of penalty.

If the ball that is hit goes out of the playing area, you will get 2 penalty points. It’s the same as losing the ball with an additional 2 strokes. Both penalties will see you hit the ball from the starting position. Meanwhile, the penalty for the ball entering the water will add 1 stroke. You can continue the game from the designated location.

  1. Total Score

At least that’s what you should recognize. After the game is over, you can add up the scores. The number of strokes from each hole must be totaled. At this stage, you can also exchange score information from other players. So that the calculation results are more valid. The player with the lowest total score is the winner.

To make the count easier, you can also add up the strokes in every nine holes. For those of you who have often played, you can also use the stroke play game with handicaps. This handicap will monitor the skills possessed. This is because the handicap itself only applies to players who have done 10 game rounds.


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