5 Basic Exercise Tips To Avoid Injury Playing Golf

Known as a relaxing sport, golf also has the potential to make players injured. Especially considering that the movements carried out are quite demanding on body flexibility, such as at the elbows and waist. To avoid injuries playing golf, you can try some basic movement exercises to stabilize body functions. Here are some of these moves.


  1. Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell bench press is one of the natural activities found in a gym or fitness center. In the process of this exercise, you will lift heavy dumbbells in a supine position. The main point of this exercise is the single arm dumbbell, which means you have to lift the dumbbell with only one hand.


The impression is simple, but not as easy as you think. Lifting weights in a supine position on a chair (bench) will require the arm muscles to work harder. In fact, this move is known to build shoulder strength and stability. The shoulder muscles that are used as support will be stronger and tighter.


If your shoulder and hand muscles are stable, you can avoid golf injuries such as shoulder inflammation or tennis elbow. To do this exercise, you can lie on a bench and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Slowly lift and lower the weight until it is at elbow level. Do this dumbbell bench press for at least 10 reps.


  1. 90/90 Stretch


The position of hitting in golf is often associated with the ability to open the shoulders. Ideally this is needed to provide a firm and purposeful swing. Not only that, the flexibility and mobility of the upper body is getting better. For that, you can do a very simple 90/90 stretch. This movement can also increase the flexibility of the pelvis.


The need for this movement exercise is quite easy. Like yoga, you can use a yoga mat to stretch your muscles. Just lie down on one side of the body with the legs above bent. While the lower leg is in a straight position. In this position, rotate the upper body to the right and to the left alternately.


To avoid golf injuries, these hip movements and stretches are vital in the game. Just do it with 10 reps held for about two seconds. In addition to relaxing the hip muscles, this movement is also effective for increasing the flexibility of the thigh, abdominal, and shoulder muscles. Which is often a problem in the game of golf.


  1. Seated Rotation


As with the previous movement, seated rotation focuses on increasing the rotational power of the hips. Generally, injuries that often occur are pinched nerves that trigger low back pain. This problem can occur due to malposition of the legs and excessive rotation of the hips. Not infrequently also injuries occur because the hip is too stiff.


For that, you can do a seated rotation by just sitting on a bench. Use a golf club or club on your lap. Make sure your legs are in a position that is not too exposed. Then, place your arms crossed on your chest with the addition of one stick between your palms and chest.


The stick serves to keep your shoulders open and prevent golf injuries. In an upright sitting position, continue to rotate your body without moving your hips or legs. Do this alternately on each side. This move is considered a success, if you do not drop the stick in your hands or in your lap.


Source : gogolf.co.id

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