Philosophy of Golf Sport, Let’s Get To Know Golf More!

Many people say that golf is a type of sport that has many philosophies. Well, on this occasion we will discuss outside the technique of golf sports and the like, but we will discuss the philosophy of the sport of golf, what exactly is it?

  1. Teach management

There is a saying that if you want to learn what real management is like, try golfing once in your life. Yes, this sport is indeed a type of sport that accumulates planning, targets, obstacles, controlling and execution all at once.


This sport teaches athletes about how to control a ball and face obstacles at the same time with proper planning to achieve a goal.


  1. Teaches flexibility

Just as life can’t all be planned, so is golf. One of the philosophies of golf that can be found is that this sport teaches about how a human being must think flexibly if he does not want to be eroded by the currents of the times.


In terms of flexibility and playing golf, even playing on the same course the results are not necessarily the same. This is because there are actions with accuracy and planning points that will definitely be different in each game.


  1. Distance strategy

In the sport of golf, running it is not done by how far the ball is hit, but how far the ball fits into the goal hole. A driver’s stroke of 250 meters is the same as a 0.5 meter putting stroke.

The hole distance is 300 meters with the driver hitting 250 and the remaining 50 meters being the responsibility distance. So to be more safe, the punches can be trained with the first 200 strokes and the remaining 100 distances are trained for driving to make it more fit.

So, those were some of the philosophies of the sport of golf. Interesting right? Interested in learning more about golf?

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