Golf Course Booking Application, Playing Golf So Much Simpler with This Application!

For those of you who like to play golf but are often confused about which golf course to rent, then you need to download a golf course booking application. With this application, you can rent a field more simply in the end.

You can find out and get information related to the field that is worth it with your budget, location and interests.

  • Green Golf

Green Golf is the first online golf course booking application in Asia. This application offers more than 15,000 game rounds every month and is available in three countries at once namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

You can book a field with prices starting from the equivalent of USD 7. You can book a field on any day whether on weekdays or weekends and get detailed information about the field you want to book.


The application which was developed in Singapore has officially been launched and can be used since June 2016. By utilizing advanced technology and implementing a creative approach, Green Golf is expected to increase the curiosity and love of people with the world of golf.

In general, some of the features offered and accessible through Green Golf as an online golf course booking application include:


  • Access to more than 20 golf courses in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia
  • There are more than 15,000 game rounds to choose from each month
  • Prices start from the equivalent of USD 7 only
  • Ordering is easy and doesn’t take long
  • Integrated with other golfers
  • Free registration fee
  • Children under 8 – 16 years old can participate in the game at no additional cost

  • Golfclick

Golfclick is a golf course booking application that offers various conveniences for golf lovers. You can reserve a course to play golf very easily through this application.

The service on this application also offers some of the best deals to order by presenting discounts and providing reviews of the best prices. All services that can be accessed through Golfclick are of course in line with the mission of this application to optimize tee time for golfers.

This application has also collaborated with quite a number of golf course providers including in Bandung, Jakarta, Bali and has been around since 2012. If you are interested in ordering golf courses through Golfclick, you must first register with this application.

Or if you are lazy to create a new account, you can log in to Golfclick using your Facebook account. The procedure for finding a place to play golf is not difficult. You just need to specify the city, play date and the number of participants who will play.

Then you can pay for the reservation that has been booked by bank transfer or using a credit card. Very simple isn’t it?

  • GoGolf

If you are looking for a comfortable and lightweight application, then GoGolf, which has now been updated by more than 10 thousand downloaders, must be an option. This application has a size of only 10 MB. This application made by Step Asia Co.Ltd is an attractive mobile application that can help golf lovers to order golf courses in Indonesia easily and simply.

Discount prices are also provided along with information related to promotions and attractive price offers that are informed in real time. With this application you don’t need to be confused about where to rent a golf course because you can search for golf courses based on the area you are located.

You will also get recommendations with the best prices that suit your pocket. With this application, ordering golf courses is easier and more fun.


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