There’s a Lot You Don’t Know About the Golf Caddy!

The hot sun on Friday afternoon did not make these young girls hot. They are compact wearing a tight yellow uniform complete with a hat as a protective attribute. On average they are beautiful and attractive. Moreover, supported by a proportional body shape, they are more like the capital’s artists than the profession they are now in.

Before serving, there are various activities they do. Some are tidying up their clothes, some are wearing their shoes, some are busy with their make-up, some are just checking their work equipment. After everything is done, the next activity is to be ready to wait for guests and guide them to play golf. Yes, that’s their daily life as a caddy, a job that seems light but quite challenging and promising in terms of income.

The last reason is what makes these beautiful girls interested in working as caddy. How could I not, once guiding players who are usually officials with deep pockets, they can get a tip of at least Rp. 100,000. That’s just one person, if in a day they guide more than one person, just count how many rupiahs they earn in a month. Not to mention the addition of Rp. 50,000/guest as the cost of caddy services provided by the manager.

From that amount of income, it is said that most of them claim to be able to meet their own needs, moreover they can also ease the burden on their parents. Like Tia, 22, who has enjoyed her job as a caddy for two years at the Palm Hill Country Club, Bukit Sentul. “So the caddy is good, you can earn a lot of money, you can help your family, the work is not too difficult, you only need physical endurance because you have to want to get hot and go back and forth to take the ball, yes, count sports,” he said. In fact, it was so comfortable , he did not intend to look for another job that might be better and promises a good career path. “No, I’m comfortable being a caddy, even being offered a job at the office, I don’t necessarily want to,” he said innocently.

It makes sense that Tia chose a career on the golf course because most caddy are generally recruited with easy terms and attractive compensation whose value you can guess for yourself. They don’t need to have a bachelor’s degree as long as they look attractive, don’t wear glasses, and are friendly, they can pass the qualifications.

“If anyone has a bachelor’s degree, that is certainly better, but the minimum requirements are high school graduates, attractive appearance, proportional weight, free of glasses, and most importantly physically and mentally healthy,” said Rokib, Supervisor of Golf Operations at Palm Hill Country Club.

Caddy at a number of golf courses, including the Palm Hill Country Club, are generally freelancers who are not paid a salary system, but instead provide incentives in the form of caddy fees and tips from guests. Even so, they actually get a fantastic income so they don’t want to move to another heart, loyal to death as caddy. The minimal level of education plus the characteristics of golf, which is the game of the bourgeoisie, may be a contributing factor to the popularity of this profession in the interest of women.

However, there is one interesting question, why does the caddy have to be a woman? In fact, if you look at his duties, it is a man who is more suitable to be a caddy. Asked about this, PR & Marketing Communication Manager PT. Intra Golflink Resorts which houses the Palm Hill Country Club, Agus Hermawan has the answer. According to him, overseas, they do not even recognize the existence of caddy on the golf course because the sport is more ‘popular’ there. Meanwhile in Indonesia, golf seems to still need guidance from an officer on the course. In Palm Hill itself, all the caddy hired were not women but men.

“Male caddy usually have a higher ego in the field, feel expert and tend to be ‘teachers’, this is what makes guests feel annoyed and complain, so then we replace them with women who are more gentle and patient,” explained Agus.

In addition to a more refined nature, female caddy is also more painstaking in guiding and giving directions to players. Not infrequently, it is because of this trait that many golfers offer them a number of interesting jobs, usually as secretaries in their companies. “There are job offers, at most secretaries and administrative staff,” said Tia.

Most of such job offers are rejected because their salary and working hours are not as comfortable as a caddy who has a maximum working time of 8 hours per day. It is also divided into a periodic shift system every day. “Work when it’s busy, it can take up to 8 hours, a minimum of 4 hours, but stay on standby here,” continued the woman who lives in the Cileungsi area. In a week, they only work 5 days, 2 days off unless there is an urgent call from management.

All the comforts of being a caddy sometimes have to be disturbed by the unfriendly attitude of the players. Either scolding, bitchy, or even cursing. “It’s not good sometimes if you get guests who are fierce and angry, it’s not clear, it’s the worst thing,” vented Tia. If that’s the case, Tia can only be patient and accept curses from players. He considers it a spice in his work and never takes it to heart. “The name is also work, there must be sorrow, but just enjoy it rather than be carried away,” he continued.

It is different with the story of Miss (pseudonym), the senior caddy at the Palm Hill Country Club. During his 9 years in the caddy profession, he admitted that he got a lot of valuable experience, especially about the actions of naughty players in the field. “Many who like to tease fad too,” he said. In fact, what’s worse, making the caddy a place to bet on the golf course. Whoever wins, he has the right to take the caddy home. “If things like that are common, the important thing is that we are smart about it,” explained this beautiful woman. Admittedly, he has a number of ways to deal with these pranksters, ranging from gentle to rude attitudes. “Just rebuke it first, if it doesn’t work, just leave it on the field,” he said.

From the ups and downs of being a caddy to his negative image in the eyes of the public, both Tia and Nona have no intention of leaving this profession. For them, why care what people say as long as the work is lawful and brings abundant income. Doesn’t that scorching hot golf course need something cool? Yes, of course, they are here to provide that. Beautiful, sexy, and always smiling friendly. Being beside them, who knows your shot, the golfers are right on target, aka hole in one.

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