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The participants of the Golf Talk entitled Improve your Game by Mastering your Mental Skill, which was held by PCGC some time ago, were really “surprised” by the appearance of Putri – her nickname – who was the moderator of the two speakers in the webinar: Hans Silvano (Mental Toughness Coach – MTRI, United States) and professional golfer Kevin Caesario Akbar.

Due to the involvement of the ladies golfer who was born in Bandung on March 7, 1997 as a moderator in the webinar, she was able to “bridge” the audience with what was discussed by the two keynote speakers who, apart from emphasizing the importance of skill that an athlete must possess, all aspects related to mentality are also very decisive. the success of an athlete, especially a golfer.

And, apart from his understanding of the sport of golf that he learned since he was in elementary school, which is clearly the youngest of two children of husband and wife pair Rhenaldy Sofyan and Puti Andam Dewi, this also has a background in psychology from Atma Jaya University, Jakarta.

“I just graduated this year, and in two or three months I will be graduating, Om,” said Putri, whose name was registered as a Social Psychology student at Atma Jaya University in 2016 – after she graduated from Homeschooling Taman Sekar High School in 2015.

“My thesis is entitled ‘Description of Resilience in Middle Adult Women Who Becomes Single Mothers, After the Death of Their Spouse’… I completed the thesis in one year, Om,” added this sweet girl with minus glasses when GolfJoy asked her ‘final project’ at Unika Atma Jaya — in a casual chat at a famous driving range located in South Jakarta some time ago.

As is known, Putri who started her introduction to the sport of golf (because following in the footsteps of her father, who in Kota Kembang – Bandung is known as a regular non-athlete golfer) – besides actively participating in golf tournaments, both local, national, regional and international since she was a junior until amateur — the achievements made by this sweet black virgin should not be underestimated.

However, just like sea water that experienced ups and downs, Putri’s achievements had dropped. “My parents gave me the option to go to college as a back up plan for my life in the future. And, I am very happy to make this decision, because I also feel that with college, there are many things that I can learn.”

“After a year had passed, I finally decided to major in Psychology. Why I chose Psychology major because I feel I can apply it in golf.”

Putri emphasized that the knowledge or lessons she learned in college would be able to help her career in golf, especially from the mental aspect.

Source: golfjoy

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