Turns out Golf Courses Contain Toxic Substances! Listen Here!

Not a few people in the world who like this sport, especially those from the elite. However, be wary of staying on the golf course for too long. The reason is, in environmental studies it is stated that there is a lot of use of toxic substances on golf courses.

Golf fever in Asia is indicated to have had a detrimental effect on the health of golfers and caddy (golf aids) who constantly inhale harmful chemicals on the course. The most common complaints are eye irritation and skin diseases, including allergies, rashes, and sores.

Let’s look at Japan, for example. This country has a lot of golf enthusiasts and the results of the National Association of Health Insurance Doctors survey show that many golfers, environmentalists, and residents who live near golf courses experience skin inflammation problems.

Not only that, many also suffer from ear, nose and throat health problems. The number of cases of respiratory disorders and asthma also increased. Other evidence of the health hazards of chemicals on golf courses is shown in interviews in Thailand involving many caddy and they claim to suffer from respiratory problems and skin irritation.

Please note, each golf course in Asia uses an average of 1,500 kg of chemicals annually to keep the very expensive imported pastures in good condition. This amount is 7 to 9 times more than is generally used for agricultural land.

The chemicals used on the golf course are zeolite with mineral base materials, most of which consist of silicic acid, aluminum oxide, and iron oxide which can cause cancer. A toxic soil compacting chemical is also used to strengthen the foundations of artificial lakes on golf courses, namely acrylamide, which contaminates groundwater and causes poisoning and central nervous system disturbances.

In the United States, there are even victims who die as a result of using pesticides on golf courses. The pesticide content in golf courses is proven to be quite high and this is used to prepare the golf course and fertilize the grass. One of the chemicals used is hydrogen peroxide, which is useful for compacting the soil before planting grass.

The point is, too often or too long to breathe air on the golf course will be bad for the health of the body. Although golf is good for dealing with stress, we should be able to manage the time so we don’t play golf too often because it will harm us.

For those of you who like this sport, it’s better to be more careful with poison on the golf course. Spend less time on the field and maybe try other alternative sports.

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