This Sports Similar to Golf, Gateball. It Can Increase Immunity!

Playing Gateball is one of the many ways to increase immunity or health, apart from jogging or other sports.

There is one interesting thing that can be tried, especially for parents to stay fit but can relax while doing sports.

Play Gateball. A modified sport of the game of croquet using a stick that is used to hit and direct the ball so that it can enter the three gates and the goal-pole as the end point.

“This game of gateball is usually played by two teams, red and white. The number of teams consists of five people. The red team holds the odd numbered ball (1,3,5,7,9), while the white team plays the even numbered ball (2,4, 6,8,10),” explained Gatball Coach Deddy Suhendi (Kided) from the Community Sm4nop Alumni (ASGS), Bandung City, West Java to, Saturday (10/04/2021).

In a Sports Situation Routine Becomes Important

“In a situation that is still a pandemic like now we have to maintain our health. This sport is suitable. There is social distancing, after hitting the ball, we will also be far apart,” he said.

Still according to Deddy, the gateball game itself is a barrier-free sport or an unlimited sport. Suitable also played by all ages. Starting from small children, teenagers, to the elderly.

“Gateball has also been included in the National Sports Week (PON), currently its growth is quite fast in Bandung. Many academic communities also love this sport,” he explained.

For the elderly, this sport is good for training concentration and strategy. In order for the ball to get into the goal, players need to have the right hitting skills and focus.

“Because the gate is small, so we have to focus. Don’t be in a hurry, this is a relaxing sport,” he added.

Players simply set a strategy to be able to direct the ball to three goals and touch the goal-pole.

“Any player can block the opponent by hitting the ball into the opponent’s ball. This of course requires high accuracy and focus,” he explained.

The choice of playing gateball at Malabar Park Sari Ater Kamboti Hotel, in addition to its easy-to-reach location, also has a large green open space.

After playing gateball, visitors can choose to rest while enjoying breakfast.

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