This Sport is Similar to Golf, the Way to Play is Different

Woodball is a game similar to golf but with different equipment, how to play and the rules.

To promote this sport, which is not widely known to the public, Danrem 071/Wijayakusuma Colonel Kav Dani Wardhana S Sos MM M Han held a coffee morning with Banyumas media personnel by doing sports together playing woodball at Makorem Field 071/Wijayakusuma Sokaraja Banyumas, Friday (13/13). 3/2020).

“This game is similar to golf, players will hit a wooden ball with a wooden stick or what is called a mallet. The wooden ball is hit directed at a gate or small wooden goal. The game is played on an open field or fairway, with a field length of 50 m and a width of 3 m. The winner is the winner. the quickest to enter the wooden ball into the gate, with the least number of strokes,” he explained.

Danrem said that woodball had previously been introduced to its members. This time it was the turn of the media to be invited to introduce and echo the woodball game to the public.

“The idea to introduce the sport of woodball is because I see that the facilities in Makorem are quite adequate. I see that there are some young people in the neighborhood playing woodball, but the facilities are not adequate, only playing games,” he said.

In the future, his party wants to hold a woodball championship in the Banyumas area. “We will coordinate woodball clubs in Banyumas to participate in the Korem 071/Wijayakusuma woodball championship”, he added.

Regarding coffee morning activities, Colonel Dani conveyed that the activity with Banyumas media personnel was a vehicle for establishing and strengthening friendship, togetherness and cooperation between Korem 071/Wijayakusuma and media personnel.


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