The World’s Most Expensive Golf Course, Even Up To Rp1.44 Trillion!

The most expensive golf courses in the world are carried by several places to play this sport scattered in various parts of the world. No doubt, playing golf in these three places can further increase your prestige.

As is known, the sport of golf itself is quite synonymous with expensive costs. Because, in addition to having to rent an expensive field, the players also have to provide a number of playing equipment at exorbitant prices.

Regarding the playing field itself, there are several places that are categorized as very expensive. What are they? Here are the three most expensive golf courses in the world.

3. Old Head Golf Links – County Cork, Ireland

The third most expensive golf course in the world is Old Head Golf Links. This golf course is located in County Cork, Ireland. This field is in the south of Ireland. The course was specially designed by John and Patrick O’Connor.

If you play there, you will get an amazing view. This field feels even more special because it is equipped with a five-star bar and restaurant. The cost of playing there reaches USD 400 per person or approximately Rp. 5.8 million per round.

2. Pebble Beach Golf Links – California, USA

Next, there is Pebble Beach Golf Links. This golf course is located in California, United States. The area is often used to host prestigious tournaments, such as the US Open and the Ryder Cup.

The course is located on Carmel Bay and provides golfers with one of the most beautiful views as they play. The inn there is also built facing the Pacific Ocean so that players can see beautiful natural scenery in the form of majestic cliffs and rocky coastline.

If you want to play on this field, you must be prepared to be charged USD 475 or approximately Rp. 6.8 million per person per round.

1. Shadow Creek Golf Course – Nevada, United States

Finally, there is the Shadow Creek Golf Course, located in Nevada, United States. This golf course is owned by one of the largest casino owners in Mogul City, Steve Wyn. This field was opened in 1989.

This field was built in the middle of the desert and to hide it from the public eye. Even so, there are 21,000 trees that stretch out there. It is estimated that the construction costs reached USD60 million and USD100 million.

The cost to play golf one there is USD 500 or approximately Rp. 7.2 million per person per round. At this cost, playing there feels like a king.

Source: okezonesports

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