How to Netra Diffable Play Golf, Check Out Here!

The sport of golf can not only be done by golfers who have eyesight. Currently, golf can also be done by the disabled Netra.

“Golf players who have eyesight or not are the same, there are no difficulties at all,” said Netra disabled golf coach and owner of Golf Driving at VGolf, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Lee Jung Ki when contacted by Tempo, Wednesday, February 17, 2021. According to him, The most important thing when playing golf is body position and movement.

In South Korea, Lee Jung Ki, who also trains disabled golf athletes, applies a gesture recording method so that blind golfers are always in the right position. According to him, although golf players can see the golf club and the ball, if the body position is wrong, the ball will not hit.

Due to the emphasis on body position when hitting the ball, golfers who are visually impaired will need to practice for several months to get and feel the correct posture. One of the most important poses that Lee Jung Ki teaches his students is the swing position.

Before hitting the ball, the blind golfer can feel the coach’s body to determine the correct position. Where the head turns, the turn of the shoulders, the position of the hands and feet. After being able to imagine it, the disabled Netra then demonstrate and the coach will correct if something is wrong.

Disabled golfer Lee Jung Ki’s blind student, Reza Akbar, has been practicing his body position to play golf for more than four months. “I’m almost bored because the practice swing position continues,” said Reza Akbar. Over time, he may find it useful to apply the strokes in golf course simulators and golf driving. According to this digital marketing company employee, his body automatically records the exact position of hitting the ball.

With the right swing without looking, Reza Akbar can position the golf club carefully when hitting the ball. So that the golf club does not tip over, there is a raised line on the handle that can be used as a guide. “Where we stand, there are raised signs such as guiding blocks as a place to put our feet,” said Reza Akbar.

After practicing the position, the blind golfer moves on to the next material, which is estimating the direction, adjusting the power of the stroke, and the speed of the ball in the golf driving simulator. According to Reza Akbar, one of the advantages of the simulator at VGolf is the screen that can record the degree of the ball’s direction, the speed of the ball, and the value obtained based on the hole formation.

“We hit the ball towards the screen, then Lee Jung Ki’s assistant took notes. His task might be like a cady,” said Reza Akbar. This golf course simulator is actually rented out by Lee Jung Ki at V Golf for general golfers. However, specifically for golfers with disabilities, Lee Jung Ki provides and trains blind golfers for free every Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

When Lee Jung Ki coached six golfers with disabilities Netra. One of them is the Chairperson of the Indonesian Blind Association or Pertuni, Aria Indrawati, who has participated in a special competition for golfers with disabilities in Japan. Lee Jung Ki hopes to educate young Indonesian golfers with visual impairments. “I hope there are athletes who can present a gold medal for Indonesia,” said the man who is usually called Pak Leo.


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