This Campus Has Golf Courses! The Place is In Indonesia!

Not many people know that in the Physical Education and Health Study Program (Penjaskes), the Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP), Tanjungpura University (Untan), Pontianak, there is a golf course. This course is still relatively new, because it has only been running for the last year.

One of the lecturers, Fitriani, said that the golf course was held as a new curriculum based on the results of workshops with stakeholders, teachers, and the review team.

“Based on the results of the workshop, this sport is also quite necessary in lectures, although later I don’t know whether it will be used in the field or not. However, its status is still an elective course, not a mandatory course, so students who are interested can take it, those who are not interested can take it. other elective courses,” Fitriani said, Tuesday (23/4).

Fitri explained the obstacles in the practice of golf courses. One of them is the limitation of equipment, so students have to queue to wait their turn. “Because everything is still minimal, but the demand is large, it tends to be ineffective in terms of activity. Some are still waiting in line waiting for the sticks used for practice. Even though students are limited, they enjoy them. Yes, the name is also new, take it slow,” he said.

Fitriani also revealed that although the facilities were still limited, quite a lot of students were interested in taking golf courses. “If the field has been facilitated, it is given free of charge by the golf course manager. Only for golf clubs and instructors we are constrained, because the name is pioneering, it is still limited. The courses are also the first to come. Well, because this is for lecture lessons, sticks, balls, the field party wants to lend it for free, and there is no need to rent it,” Fitriani said.

As one of the students who took the golf course, Emi admitted that the golf course had difficulties at the beginning. “In the past, I wanted to try and was curious, how is this golf course. Well, when I chose this course, I continued to do it, at first it was difficult to hit the right one. But after being taken and taught by the instructor, it was possible,” said Fitri.

Although it is only an elective course, many students take golf courses.

Usually, lectures are held at the Tanjungpura Golf Driving Range, which is located behind the Untan Auditorium. The course, which was inaugurated on March 6, 2016, is the result of a collaboration between Untan and the Indonesian Golf Association (PGI).

The course, which has a width of 80 meters, a length of 185 meters, and 24 driving ranges can be used for anyone who wants to learn to hit a golf ball. Not surprisingly, this course has attracted the high interest of the people of Pontianak, especially golf lovers in West Kalimantan and senior golfers.

Tanjungpura Golf Driving Range itself is open to the public, starting at 07.00 am, until 21.00 WIB. For those of you who want to try the sensation of hitting a golf ball, just spend Rp. 40 thousand for 50 balls, or Rp. 70 thousand for 100 balls. Quite affordable right?

The manager also rents a bat, complete with a set. So, don’t worry for those who don’t have a bat but want to try playing.

Source: kumparan

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