Studying Golf? It Turns Out! Check out College Majors You May Not Know Before!

Some of us really don’t know at all what kinds of college majors there are. Some of them already have several choices of college majors, but are confused about what major to take. And, there are also those who are confused when they have to decide between their parent’s choice of college major or their own choice.

Lecture majors should not be chosen arbitrarily because they affect future career choices. The choice of majors can be based on the interests of the prospective students themselves or future job prospects.

Here are 10 of the most unique majors abroad with promising job prospects as reported by Popbela from various sources.

1. Winekeeping

Cornell University in the United States offers a major in viticulture with roots in chemistry, biology and agriculture. This department studies the cultivation of grapes used to produce wine, thus preparing students who want to enter the wine industry.

His career prospects include overseeing a vineyard, managing a winery to produce wine, to becoming a sommelier facilitating the blending of dishes and wines.

2. Social media

The University of Florida offers a Master of Media Arts in Mass Communication with a Social Media specialist. This postgraduate program which is held online learns the ins and outs of social media, ranging from Mass Communication Theory, Branding Using Social Media and Cellular Media, Research Methods in Digital Communication, and Social Media Metrics and Evaluation.

Social media has changed the way people relate, interact and communicate on a daily basis. Its existence affects the operational activities of every business industry. Thus, career prospects in the field of social media in the future will continue to soar given the rapid development of technology.

His career prospects include developing social media applications, monitoring social media platforms, to managing brand image through social media.

3. Golf course management

The University of Maryland offers a bachelor’s degree in plant science focused on golf course management. Students will learn pest control strategies, pest growth, and the intricacies of golf course construction and control.

While it may sound strange considering this can be learned, it turns out that the golf course industry is rooted in deep biology. This bachelor’s degree prepares for a career in golf course management, sports field management, or other athletic management positions.

4. Ecogastronomy

University of New Hampshire was the first to offer a major in Ecogastronomy in 2006. Ecogastronomy is referred to as the study of consumption approaches that seek to reduce the impact of food production and consumption on the environment. Students who study ecogastronomy will enter the hospitality, nutrition, and agriculture industries.

5. Comic art

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design offers a bachelor’s degree in comic art. This unique course equips students with the skills to engage in the comic-making industry, be it digital or print. The lessons also include developing storylines, characters, and the art of making comics.

Comics are one form of print media that attracts the attention of readers to this day. Its image-based visuals also attract the attention of readers of all ages.

6. Amusement park management

Interested in learning the art of amusement park development? Maybe this major is for you, Bela! The University of Ohio offers a Master of Management degree in Amusement Parks.

Apart from amusement parks that bring good memories, it takes science to design, develop, operate and maintain them. This bachelor’s degree prepares students for a career in managing an amusement park, from designing, building equipment and rides at an amusement park.

7. Puppet art

Puppet Arts is one of the unique majors offered by the University of Connecticut. This department studies the process of making wayang or puppets, making mascots, wayang storylines, to drama and theater studies which include wayang. So, this major is suitable for those of you who are interested in learning how to organize a puppet performance.

8. The Beatles

The name of this department is taken from the name of the leading band from England, The Beatles. The band became one of the most influential in the music industry, so it was launched as a graduate program at the University of Liverpool. This program studies the ins and outs of The Beatles’ music that influenced the country’s culture, identity building, ethnicity, and the music industry itself.

9. Sports and movement science

This unique course teaches theory and practice about the science of gymnastic movements that affect health and fitness. A major in sports science is also offered by Lewis University.

Students who choose this major will study body motor behavior, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and others. Job prospects for graduates of this department are nutritionists, sports and fitness trainers, and others.

10. Diving business and technology

Florida Keys Community College offers this unique course that teaches dive business management to diving and emergency diving procedures. Those of you who choose this major will have a career in diving, as marine researchers or even underwater photographers?

Those are the 10 most unique college majors available around the world. For those of you who are interested in studying abroad, which major is your target?

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