Golf Market and Behavior

Busyness in big cities like Jakarta causes its citizens to have the potential to experience chronic stress. Minor stresses that are no longer felt due to daily activities in dealing with traffic jams, workloads or pursuing work targets, economic burdens, being bombarded by rumors and hoax news, as well as actual crime news, and others pile up into accumulated stress.

It causes the production of the cortisol enzyme in the brain to overflow, which not only has the potential to destroy the synapses of connections between brain cells and turn off brain cells that reduce human thinking power. But it also weakens the body’s immune system. So vulnerable to mild and severe diseases such as hypertension, heart attacks, diabetes, cholesterol, gout, even cancer and other diseases that lead to early death.

Efforts to avoid the risks mentioned above, a healthy lifestyle will inevitably be a choice that must be taken. One of them is exercising diligently. Of course it must be accompanied by other efforts such as; maintain nutrition and diet, get enough sleep, reduce or even eliminate unnecessary anger habits, worship closer, meditation to achieve mindfulness, relax listening to music and other activities that balance the homeostasis of enzymes in the head. Golf is one of the favorite sports that is chosen and in demand.

Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia is not only still the center of government but also the largest economic center. No wonder it is often known as the busiest dynamic city and never sleeps. The total population of Greater Jakarta (Jabodetabek) today may have reached more than 27 million people, therefore it deserves to be called a megapolitan city. As a “Smart City”, we are required to provide a balanced lifestyle between busy business facilities and a fitness center.

Golf has become a popular and healthy lifestyle in recent times. Other big cities are no less busy following this lifestyle. Even in some cities and regions, golf courses are deliberately built as one of the facilities and destinations for golf tourism.

From the side of investors and businessmen, the provision of golf course needs is very attractive. Due to the fact that although the construction of new golf courses continues, other golf courses are still full, especially on weekend days. On average every day the number of golf players is increasing. Interest in playing golf is also high, coming mainly from neighboring countries such as Singapore, Korea, Japan and Australia. Besides the beautiful scenery, the price is relatively cheap compared to other countries. In this country golf courses grow moldy.

Designers and builders as well as managers compete to make golf courses creatively and innovatively. Of course it adapts to consumer tastes. In terms of design, the human brain prefers a balance between familiarity and novelty. Golf course design concepts that are unique and new will be hunted down for golfers to try. The mind of the human brain is easily bored, they will continue to look for new golf courses. However, the provider must also think about it, in fact a design that is too unique does not guarantee that they will be busy playing.

There are things that are familiar, predicted and general. For example, the average golf course provides a design of 18 holes and 9 holes. It’s impossible under that. If possible 27 or 36 holes. Facilities such as club house, provision of buggy cars, caddy, marshal, golf shop, refreshment center and so on seem to have become mandatory general requirements. Architect’s style, interior and exterior designs and signage designs that may be unique are different.

Technological support, such as today’s payment instruments, must also be upgraded. ‘cash’ and ‘cashless’ payment systems. This cashless payment system does not only serve credit cards and debit cards. But it also serves payments using such as gopay, links, funds, ovo and other digital money.

The number of golf players is increasing day by day. Both from within and outside the country. Its customer segmentation is also growing. In addition to individual players, there are also so-called corporate players, community players, and also foreign tourist players. In addition, there are other customer groups that we call golf partners. They are usually brand owners or sponsors, advertising agencies, media owners, event organizers specifically for golf tournaments, and now in addition are golf community administrators and associations.

Community plays an important role here, which has a bargaining position. Its viral power is very influential in being a reference and having a strong recommendation. The next stakeholder that needs to be considered and included in the customer group is of course now the general public. The position of public relations plays an important role in maintaining good relations so that there is no gap with the surrounding community and also the public in general through ‘media relations’.

Things keep changing. Today the perception of the Indonesian people is starting to shift; from golf as a prestigious sport to become a popular public sport for them, including the millennial generation, as well as generations Y & Z. Golf is for all people. Golf for Everyone! In the midst of fatigue and daily activities, according to them, their lifestyle must be balanced. Golf is needed to maintain fitness, release stress, and achieve happiness, feeling happy.

In order for the golf course to be crowded, it must be easily accessible or reachable. Ease of access such as toll roads and access to the airport is also an added value. Through golf, you can train yourself to control your emotions and improve your ability to focus on thinking, which are today’s soft skills for careers and business. As well as to socialize, initiate a regular, healthy and modern lifestyle.

In addition to rationally, golf course facilities can be felt according to the price, the nuances of natural scenery that are very sensual, exotic, and different every time can also be offered to balance the value obtained. Both those that offer mountain views with cool fresh air, as well as beautiful sunsets and sunrises in the coastal area. Golf which is usually perceived as an exclusive and old time place, has now become more practical, dynamic, modern and suitable for all people.

Not only for seniors, but also for juniors, including millennials, gen Y and gen Z. This new concept will attract golfers from domestic to international. New categories with additional facilities will continue to emerge. In addition to the concept of a Golf Club, there is also a Golf Course, Golf Resort, Golf Island, and so on. Having a driving range also seems to be a must.

A good provider is a golf course that can serve and accommodate all the needs of various golf player profiles. Both the pattern of thinking and behavior patterns of golfers with various variations and combinations. There are golfers who have a preference for very analytical thinking. Usually this type of nothing is always taken into account. Not only price sensitivity rather than value obtained. Everything is also analyzed and considered.

However, communicating with them is actually quite simple; talk as it is. They don’t like details, but only the summary or bottom line. Direct, without going around the bush. If they are beginner golfers, they will buy books, explore through youtube videos, read on websites or golf magazines. Quite unique in fact, they do similar things when they have other sports hobbies, such as: cycling, fishing, diving, surfing, and so on.

There are also golfers with a tendency to think more structurally. They usually like order and order. If they want to take part in a tournament, they usually ask for detailed information and rundown details. Likewise, if the golf tournament is out of town, they will be ‘well prepared’. When they play golf, they are the ‘diligent’ type. Obeying the rules of the game even if it’s not a tournament (especially a tournament).

For them apply words; discipline, discipline, and discipline. Happy to practice thickening his neural pathways. The function of the basal ganglia of their brain is quite good. If they play, on the field they will finish hole by hole neatly. There is no term that the ball is lifted on the last stroke even though the distance is very close to the hole, for example under the size of a club or golf club though. The impatient players behind him would be annoyed at the wait. All games are completed in order. Always try to ‘always be arranged in the fairway area’. Seriously enough, the caddy should be able to understand this. Even though it’s not a match, you can’t miss the score card.

Different again golfers who have a tendency to think socially. For them it is not important to record the score card. Playing at what count doesn’t really affect it. Golf handicap for them is also not important, often overlooked. Including not taking into account the cost of playing or tournaments. But for them the most important thing is who they play with. So if the tournament is a one-flight team placement; with whom he will play it becomes their main consideration.

It could be that playing golf is more about maintaining relationships with business relationships. Often used as a venue for client approaches to get or achieve a work project. The relationship with the caddy is also sensitive. His mood is influenced by the atmosphere of his relationship with humans. Both with players and with caddy or tournament committee. At first they are easy to recognize and seem easy to get along with other people.

Nice to be complimented. His existence is bolder. But behind it all, also actually some of them are very sensitive. Easily offended and hurt, or ‘baperan’ the term millennials. Or at least easily distracted from outside distractions, rival players or caddy talking around them. This is where one of the art of playing golf. The main enemy for a player’s focus and concentration is in the mind of his head, not other people. Chaotic thoughts and feelings automatically play also a mess. His drive strokes tend not to be straight, will automatically hook or slice, making it difficult to direct them.

The next type of golfer is those with a tendency to think conceptually. Thinking far ahead, visionary, likes the philosophy and concept of the game of golf. The creative side of golf course design and club house interiors and the quality of comfort are important to them. They are people with intuition. Unlike the previous type, they are more intuitive to ideas, not to people. It’s not important for them to play golf from which hole.

Sometimes it doesn’t even work. Playing well with an average value below par, the handicap is not enough if the appearance of clothes and playing style or swing style does not match the ideal it should be. They include people who tend to be perfectionists in this regard. So don’t be surprised if you see several times commenting or giving advice to other players.

Starting from commenting on the grip on how to hold a golf club, the position of the legs, waist and body, focusing on looking at the ball, and so on. It is natural for the brain to not only like things that are predicted, the brain will also be happy to get feedback, but if it is too much for some people, it destroys a person’s mood and concentration in hitting the ball.

These thinking attributes are actually all inside a golfer. It’s just the tendency of different priorities. When measured, sometimes they are quite large in percentage only in one of the attributes of thinking preferences. Some golfers have at two attributes, three or even four attributes of thinking preference. Be careful, we are often trapped by early judging. Wrong guess, both to the player and to the caddy on the field. It should be noted; to be safe to play, it is strictly forbidden to label them.

Golfers also have different behavioral tendencies. We no longer discuss whether they are introverts or extroverts. Because it can be relatively easy to change and don’t get caught up in labeling them as above. Because in fact our brains can change plastically throughout the ages. Neuroplasticity can explain it all.

Scientifically, our brains are electrified. Synaptic connections between brain cells or neurons occur not only biological and chemical transactions, but also potential differences that cause an electric current. Physiologically the nature of the workings of the electrical circuit network can be analogous to the thought process of our brain. There is electricity means there is a magnetic field, there is a wave frequency and so on.

For some golfers, the electrical energy will be optimal if there is a frequency wave from the presence of other people’s brains. They will be more excited to perform. As if it looks more expressive. Whereas in principle every human being is expressive. But the way of expressing it is different. For those who have a tendency to behave like this, it is very easy to express or express their joy to others. It’s as if it’s transparent, so it’s easy to be ‘read’ by other players or caddy around.

Today they may also have more photo sessions than the impression of playing seriously. Starting at the tee box before starting to hit they were already taking pictures. Don’t be surprised if one day you find on Facebook or Instagram a photo of our golfer friend posing frozen, jumping as if flying over the green of the golf course, expressing his joy. Little by little they will upload to social media. Reception of mobile phone signals in the field is crucial.

They will tell the world that today played well, at least had fun. Imagine if this type of golfer and at the same time have a tendency to attribute his thinking more to social. It is predictable that they will be happy to take pictures on social media with whoever they are playing at that time.

On the other hand, for some of them, their energy will be optimal if they exist alone. Make them the presence of other people’s brainwave frequencies disturb or interfere with their concentrated thought waves. The form of expression will be different. Playing good or bad when asked people will answer “…yes that’s roughly …”. His intonation is a bit flat. Sadness and joy are unpredictable. They will still share their stories and photos while playing, even if only to the people closest to them.

Another story about the types of golfer’s behavior when viewed from the side of his assertiveness. Represents the pace or energy of a person’s speed in doing. If they play, they want to finish quickly. It would be disgusting to see a golfing team in front of another flight that played slowly. Usually ask the marshal to immediately reprimand him if it’s too late. They are not only fast, but also very aggressive and ambitious. Score for them to be everything. If the score is very bad, in anger they will break the clubs aka break the golf club. In some cases, even throwing not just one club but one ‘golf bag’ was thrown into the river or bunker.

It’s like having a target responsibility that must be pursued. As a sweetener for the game so that groups like them don’t like to play bets. Indeed, basically really love to compete. That’s why I really like participating in tournaments. The challenge is for them to be skilled between focusing calmly when they want to hit the ball (slow thinking) and fast thinking in walking to finish the game as soon as possible. In one flight, usually they often want to lead the game. High achiever leader. They will protest if given a caddy who does not work as a team or is unknowledgable. Caddy must mentally prepare to serve golfers like this.

The opposite of the previous type are those whose pace is rather slow. Typically they are like peacemakers, peaceful, calm, relaxed, and often dissolve in the atmosphere. Often gives the other person hitting the ball first. For those who are important in playing golf if possible everybody is happy, including the caddy.

The atmosphere is not tense. The correct sentence for them is: ‘grin and bear it’. Even in the tournament they are quite relaxed. They are the type to avoid conflict. Imagine if in one flight in front of us the four profiles are the same, namely the type of assertive behavior they play golf like while simultaneously their quadra-modal thinking pattern has 4 thinking attributes that are equally strong, it will take a very long time to finish one game. It’s even worse, while the flight behind it has an assertiveness with a fast pace. It can be crowded.

Golfer behavior patterns are also associated with assertiveness or flexibility. Some golfers have a network of neural pathways that don’t lock themselves. Clutch brain is not stiff and easily influenced by other players. They like to ‘hit another ball’, friends often call it ‘like ball corruption’. These behavioral habits are often unconsciously carried over into golf matches or tournaments.

Apart from violating the tournament rules, it was unsightly and unethical in fact. The caddy also did not comment much because they were given additional tips which were quite large. However, if the marshal found out, he did not hesitate to reprimand him. For golfers with this type of behavior, it is challenging to focus on hitting the ball.

The opposite of the previous pattern of behavior; not they are not flexible. However, the advantage is that it is easy to focus on playing. His thoughts and moods do not easily interfere with his focus of thinking in playing hitting the ball. Often we find golfers who secretly have good golf achievements. Usually the pattern of behavior is a combination of being quiet, high achiever and focused on playing. Fill in the common language; ‘does a lot, doesn’t talk much’. However, in the reality of everyday life, they are faced with and required to have cognitive flexibility skills, which makes them rather difficult in this context and inevitably must be trained.

It’s interesting to talk about golf. The story is endless. Maybe for wives, it is hoped that by reading this they will begin to understand their life partner. Boys will be boys. Moms try to understand what it’s like to have a little son back. There’s still a lot that hasn’t been discussed here. Not to mention the differences in thinking and behavior profiles between generations who have more diverse backgrounds and personality traits. Female golfers whose brains think and behave differently are also starting to take to the golf course a lot. It will be even more exciting if there is a couples golf tournament. However, it is still difficult to realize because the number of players’ population has not been balanced.

From the sport of golf, until here, we have learned a lot. What’s more to feel the immediate benefits of playing or participating in tournaments. A lot of fun going on in the field. From golf we can see what a person’s true identity is like. We also learn to focus, be planned and required to play strategically, increase resilience to play, and must be agile, open minded and keep positive thinking. Each player’s strategy is different with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Not to mention facing a par 3 short hole or a par 5 long hole. Uniquely, every golf course has a different design and natural terrain. In addition to the difference in temperature, the cooler mountain air and the relatively hotter beaches, the changing wind speed also poses its own challenges. Bunkers, rivers, beaches, up and down mountain contours, and so on. Many golfers after playing feel like living another thousand years.

They are happy and healthy and eager to live. Because exercise with a touch of sunlight stimulates the body to produce endorphins, morphine substances in the human body. In addition to being able to socialize, add new acquaintances, also practice patience to improve their emotional and rational intelligence skills, and to avoid cognitive flexibility disorder. Silaturrahim also prolongs life. Protect from dementia, dementia, parkinsonism, alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

In addition to those described above, when summarized in general the benefits of golf; can train physical and cardio health, reduce stress levels (stress release), increase focus, open up business opportunities, read business situations, learn to make decisions and business strategies, handle various characters of business partners, and of course can also be used as a healthy entertainment and means of gratitude.

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