This is the Best Golf Player in the World, Curious Who?

When you love golf, you should also know who are among the world’s best golfers. They managed to carve brilliant achievements through the sport of golf. So, it can motivate you to keep practicing and get similar achievements.

Get to know the world’s best golf players, who are they?
Are you curious about who is included in this world’s best golf player? Don’t forget to read the explanation below:

Tiger Woods

The first player you need to know is Tiger Woods. He is among the world’s best players because he is able to collect around 14 majors trophies. Not only that, Tiger himself is one of the richest golfers in his ranks. In terms of achievement of scoring titles he also became the champion.

To be able to get a brilliant achievement, of course, must be supported by the provision of appropriate facilities. For example, by procuring quality golf shoes that are comfortable to use. Likewise, what was done by Tiger Woods in his career.

Jack Nicklaus

The second world best player you need to know is Jack Nicklaus. This person is known for being consistent and always maintaining his performance while playing. Entered the golf legend who was quite famous in his time. Jack managed to collect around 19 majors trophies.

Of course, this number is quite a proud achievement for him. Even though he is no longer young, in fact Jack still carves his passion for golf lovers as his successor.

Ben Hogan

The third player who is no less cool to know is Ben Hogan. This one player has a quite dramatic story, especially in the early days of starting his career, the difficult time he lived because he felt a great accident. But this does not make him weak and keep fighting.

Due to injury he was able to collect at least about 9 majors trophies from 62 wins on PGA tours. However, due to injury Ben finally retired and closed his career in playing golf. Even so, his enthusiasm never stops to encourage new golf players.

Bobby Jones

Next is Bobby Jones who you need to know because his journey is quite inspiring to follow. Bobby has participated in 13 matches and was able to get 4 majors trophies. This achievement is supported by good training preparation and also the provision of comfortable golf shoes for the best support.

It’s just that at the age of 28, Bobby decided to retire. His name became the person who entered the fourth rank in the best world-class golf player.

Arnold Palmer

The fifth athlete you need to know is Arnold Palmer. This one player is quite famous for the many achievements he has achieved in 62 PGA tours. Some of them that are quite captivating are the majors trophies. Arnold is famous for his ability to use a putter for a golf club.

It’s not wrong if Arnold also earned the nickname as one of the best putters in his heyday. To be like Arnold, in fact, you have to be optimistic and practice more consistently so that the skills you have develop well.

Sam Snead

The sixth best world class player is Sam Snead. Sam is famous and recorded as a golfer with a pretty impressive winning record. During the game, Sam has managed to collect about 7 majors cup wins in 8 valuable matches in his life.

Sam is a person who doesn’t give up easily in his life while pursuing a career as a golf player. He is a friendly person and is not stingy in sharing knowledge with the next generation. You can become Sam with a lot of practice and support the training process with the best sticks and golf shoes.

Tom Watson

Next is Tom Watson, who is no less good for his achievements. You could say, Tom is a golf athlete who has a technique and type of game that is quite impressive in history. Tom managed to show his ability in several interesting matches such as 5 british open.

But you need to know that doesn’t mean Tom isn’t good at other types of tournaments, it’s just that he isn’t as attached as previously described. The number of achievements he has achieved is also no joke, namely around 39 PGA tours, including 8 majors trophies.

You could even say, in the 70s, Tom managed to surpass the achievements of Jack Nicklaus, who was a legendary player at that time.

Gary Player

Known for his friendly nature and not giving up easily, he was able to bring Gary Player to a pretty brilliant achievement in the field of golf. Records explain that Gary was able to score about 24 PGA tours. It looks a little bit but you should know other achievements.

But in history, Gary has actually participated in around 100 matches with a total of 9 majors trophies. Of course, this achievement is not a perfunctory achievement by a Gary. You can imitate his spirit of not giving up easily by continuing to practice using your golf shoes.

Bryan Nelson

The next player who managed to carve a worldwide achievement was Bryan Nelson. Even though he retired at a young age, in fact Bryan is not someone who is careless in his achievements. In his 52 victories, Bryan has been able to get 2 majors trophies which he is proud of.

In a note explaining, in addition, Bryan has in fact gotten at least 18 wins with a count of 11 consecutive wins. Of course, this is a rare moment in history. So many people dub Bryan as a legendary player.

Phil Mickelson

The tenth player you need to know is Phil Mickelson. If calculated so far, Phil has actually been able to collect around 42 PGA tours trophies with a pretty good record in every game he does. In 2013, Phil managed to get 3 of the 4 trophies provided.

While in other matches Phil was able to get around majors trophies, namely 3 master titles. Likewise with his achievements in the Open championship. Phil is a person who doesn’t give up easily and always improves the way he plays to make achievements.

You can continue to practice by supporting each process using quality golf balls and golf shoes, of course.

To be like them is certainly not an easy thing. Don’t forget to always practice and support the process using the best golf shoes.

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