How to Dress Well When Playing Golf

Although there are still some people who are against the statement that golf is a sport, in 2018 the game of golf has been entered as an official sport that is competed in the Asian Games. Therefore, in addition to recognizing the rules of the game, you should also understand the proper golf dress code.


If you look at professional golfers, of course you will find that they very rarely use T-shirts that don’t have a collar. Indeed, according to the right rules, golf players are encouraged to use a polo shirt or shirt with a collar when playing this type of sport.

In addition to polo shirts, you can also use short sleeves or long sleeves, the important thing is that there is a collar. This rule also applies to both female and male players, because collared shirts can give the impression of being casual but also neat and classy at the same time. In this case, you should choose a cotton material that absorbs sweat.

For the color of the top in the golf dress code, actually there are no special rules. However, because this sport is generally done in open spaces, it is best to avoid dark clothing. Because dark colors can absorb more sunlight, therefore colors like yellow, orange, blue, white, to soft pink are many choices.


The pants used by golfers can be short or long, the important thing is not made of denim because it can make you unable to move freely. In addition, short pants, long pants, and leggings can be an option as long as they are comfortable and still look polite when used.

For women, it is permissible to wear short skirts as long as they cover the back, both standing and sitting. Because some time ago the LPGA, or the Women’s Professional Golf Association, had issued a new rule related to clothing restrictions. Where the skirt used must be long enough, if it is not obeyed then it is mandatory to pay a fine.

The dress code for playing golf is related to this color, there are also no special rules. However, as with bosses who should use bright colors, the pants or skirts you choose should not be far from bright or neutral colors that are not dark. It can also make you look more elegant when standing in the middle of a green field.


Not only special soccer shoes, golf sports also have special shoes that you need to prepare. And the selection of these shoes should not be arbitrary, because it will be very uncomfortable if you choose the wrong shoes to play. Look for shoes that are not slippery, to make it easier for you to move on the grass.

How to distinguish shoes for golf is actually quite easy, because these shoes have a slightly formal design that is very different from most sports shoes. The sole is also slightly thicker and has soft cushioning inside, and its oval shape follows the shape of the user’s foot.

In this case, it is recommended for players to use spike-type shoes with soft materials to make them more comfortable to use. In addition, it is not recommended to wear shoes that contain metal elements because they can damage the existing grass. This is important to note in the golf dress code.


In addition to shoes, choosing the right socks can also make you much more flexible in playing. Here you should choose socks that are not too tight, because socks that are too tight can make your footwork stiff and uncomfortable. In addition, you should not use socks that are too long, because you are not playing soccer.


You are certainly familiar with this one scene, where golfers generally always wear caps in every game. This is very reasonable, considering that golf is played in an outdoor area so a hat can help you protect your face from the sun. The view of the hole can also be clearer, with the help of the cap.

Choosing the right shape is very important, because in addition to helping you dispel the heat of the sun, the cap can make you look more elegant. Remember, this sport is known to be top flight so the golf dress code should also describe it.

Although the appearance when playing golf is also considered important, the priority remains the comfort aspect. Because if it is not comfortable to use, then you will find it difficult to play well. In addition, you should leave excessive jewelry when you play golf. Because even though it looks more relaxed, golf is also a sport.

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