Golf is Not As Expensive As You Think, This is Bobby Cahyo’s Explanation

Many people think that golf is an expensive and exclusive sport. This stereotype is what hinders the development of golf in Indonesia.

The stereotype that golf is a sport actually makes the opportunity to see new potential and talent thin out.

Seeing the current development of Golf, Bobby Cahyo Adhitomo, a former golf athlete who won a gold medal at the 2012 PON, recently wanted to straighten this view. He wanted to prove that golf is not as expensive as people think.

Of course, there are some expensive options for golf, but there are other options that won’t cost you much.

“If you drive, it’s only Rp. 130-Rp. 200 thousand per 100 balls. The sticks are rented at Rp. 50 thousand. The expensive thing is, if we go down the field, the range can run out from one to two million,” said Bobby Cahyo when met at the Morning Update studio, iNews Tower, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, Sunday (9/6/2022).

Drive in golf terms is a practice hitting ground. This place is where golfers will practice basic techniques from holding the stick, body position, to hitting the ball.

Not only a training ground, the term drive in golf is also for golfers who just want to hit without going down the field due to weather disturbances, because the facilities at the drive area are protected by a roof.

According to Bobby, since the pandemic there have been many people who want to know Golf and want to try it. Since then, the stereotype about Golf which is said to be expensive has begun to change because there are people who buy and sell used clubs and their rental services.

“In fact, the golf doctrine has begun to be solved with the current system, it’s like buying and selling used sticks. In the past, people said Golf was expensive because people were afraid to buy used sticks, they were afraid of being called fake, I don’t know if they’re original or not. Don’t want to buy new sticks, sticks the new price is pretty good. For example now, the 2003 or 2005 sticks are sold for a more reasonable price, if you don’t like them, the prices are the same,” he said.

Source: celebritiesid

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