Injury in Golf

Identical to a relaxed sport, many people think that golf is the sport that is least likely to get injured. Apparently this assumption is wrong, considering that if we look at the causes, it turns out that injuries do not only occur in types of sports that are actively moving.

Causes of Injuries in Sports

Injury is a condition where our muscles are not able to accept the stress that is given from outside the body. In fact, what causes our muscles to receive stress is varied. But broadly speaking, there are actually two kinds of things that cause our bodies to get injured. Here are the things:

Overused Injury
Overused Injury is one of the things that can cause injury in sports. Doing a certain movement repeatedly using a certain body part can in fact cause quite heavy stress on the muscles. Indeed, the effect of Overused Injury will not feel like when we eat chili, once we eat it will immediately feel spicy. But this will attack slowly in the long term and relatively longer so that we do not notice it.

In the upper body, the muscles and joints in the fingers, wrists and palms are the most vulnerable. While in the lower part of the body, the joints in the knees and ankles have the highest probability of being affected by this Overused Injury.

Traumatic Injury
Traumatic Injury or Traumatic Injury is another thing that can cause injury in sports. In contrast to Overused Injury, the cause of Traumatic Injury can be ascertained directly. A collision that hits certain body parts and the stress of the impact exceeds our body’s capacity is a brief explanation of how this Traumatic Injury can happen to us.

In the game of golf, the risk of getting Traumatic Injury is very small (unless you lose a bet with your opponent and end up fighting). This is because in the sport of golf, there is very little physical contact, but that does not mean that golf activities are free from the risk of lurking injury.

Factors Causing Injury

In addition to the main causes of Overused and Traumatic Injury, it turns out that there are also other factors that cause us to get injured. In addition to the broad explanation above, there are also factors that cause us to get injured during sports activities. Here are the factors that can influence:

Individual Condition
In doing sports, everyone has different capacities and abilities. Differences in factors of age, gender, character, habits and posture abnormalities seem to greatly affect a person’s risk of getting injured. For example: an old grumpy woman with a posture disorder and not used to warming up is more prone to injury than the other way around.

Sports Facilities
When we do sports activities that require special equipment, especially golf, we should re-examine the feasibility. Because if an equipment is not in proper condition, it will be dangerous if at any time something unwanted happens which leads to the risk of injury to us.

Sports Characteristics
Get to know the characteristics of the sport we are going to do. Dominant sports that use the upper body such as golf will certainly be more prone to injury in the hands and surroundings. If we already know the risks, we can be on guard so as not to overload the body parts that are prone to injury.

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