Learn Life Through Golf

A friend watched me do putting, which is a shot to put the ball into a hole in golf. As a beginner golfer, I’m getting less and less focused on being observed. Puk! Right. The ball missed. The friend immediately gave “input”. He said, have to hit like this, aim there, this is that, this is that. On another game, another golf buddy gave Gavin the same advice.

That’s golf. There is a saying, “golf is a sport to relieve stress which can eventually be stressful.” More or less so. It’s true that playing golf is not as easy as watching it on TV. Not as easy as the audience “congor” who said, “Ah, just like that it didn’t come in.” There is another rather quirky phrase about golf. Allegedly belonging to only men, aka “Gentlement Only Lady Forbiden (GOLF). It seems like a fabrication.

I have always been interested in golf. More specifically, amazed. It’s nice to be in a wide green field. Dress stylishly and meet classy people.

About two years ago I had my first club (stick). It wasn’t intentional either. Given to an old friend who half his life is close to golf. Many times my friends asked me to come to Pondok Cabe Golf Course in Depok because I once said I wanted to try golf. It’s not good to keep refusing, so I came to Pondok Cabe.

The friend poisoned me by handing me a golf bag full of golf clubs. Try a set of sticks I have, he said. How can I not be tempted to practice hitting if there is a stick. It’s old school stuff, but it’s still interesting.

Some things change after feeling, not just seeing. That’s what I experienced in golf. The golf course is also a place to work. Job absorber. There more than 100 caddies depend their lives. They usually expect to get good tips from players. There are also staff, field nurses, administration, and quite a few freelancers.

Golfers may see golf as a game, but for many people golf is work.

I used to see football as a metaphor for human life. But it turns out golf is more appropriate. Life is a game of golf. The player must hit his own ball with a stick of his own choosing. No pressure to choose sticks.

He has the freedom to hit what and where to put the ball. A good golfer doesn’t care about his opponent’s game because it can’t be controlled. His opponent’s flying hours and motivation could be higher or lower than his. Not to mention the price that must be spent to practice.

So is life. Many things you can decide for yourself. Choose to do this instead of that. You can direct your career or love life without hearing what other people have to say. You should not care about the greatness, success, and position of others. You have no idea what he has done and how much money has been spent on it.

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