Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Sticks

It turns out that the golf clubs used for women and men are indeed different. Maybe you are wondering why they are made different and what are the differences between men’s and women’s golf clubs? Of course this provision also refers to a reason to keep the game running smoothly.

Know the Differences between Men’s and Women’s Golf Sticks, what are they?
What are the differences between the sticks used by these men and women? Let’s see the explanation below so you don’t buy the wrong one!

1. Weighing
The first difference that needs to be understood from golf clubs for men and women is that it can be seen from the size of the weight. The sticks used by women tend to be lighter so they don’t feel too heavy to make a punch. It also aims to make the game more balanced.

Meanwhile, for men it is made heavier or in accordance with the general provisions. The goal is that the man has a higher punching power so it must be balanced with the right stick. Although it does have differences, you also need to pay attention to several other criteria according to the type of stick you choose.

2. Loft Bagian Section
The second difference that can be seen from the golf sticks used for men and women is in the loft or often referred to as the stick angle. Are you confused about what is meant by a loft? You can see several planes related to the shape of the vertical plane of the rod or shaft.

To make it easier you can look for it in the front corner of the wand. You need to know that the size of this loft is deliberately varied to make it easier for players to hit. Of course it is also adjusted to the level of proficiency of the users. The more proficient, the higher the number.

This rule applies not only to ordinary games but also to serious world-class matches. For men usually the size needed is 9-10.5 degrees. While for women it is usually below it.

3. Handle Type
The third difference with regard to golf clubs for men and women can be seen from the type of grip used. It should be understood that women’s and men’s hands have different sizes where women’s hands tend to be smaller as well as the type of grip that will be produced.

So it is not appropriate to make the same stick for men and women because it has an unbalanced side of difficulty. That is why the female sticks are intentionally made with a smaller diameter than the male sticks so that the playing process continues well.

This is also related to the comfort side provided in the game because it relates to grip during the match process. The right size allows players to determine the right way of gripping and the strength of the swing that can be done.

The right grip can provide a more precise hit on the golf ball in question. That’s the importance of why you need to determine the size of the stick that will be used to play.

4. Stick
The fourth difference that needs to be understood from the golf clubs used for men and women is that it can be seen from the sticks used. To make it easier for you to see from the form used by both. Men’s wands tend to use graphite and steel types in them.

As for the female stick, graphite is used. This is closely related to the load or weight produced from each material. For graphite itself, it tends to be lighter and can even reduce the load given, making the swing process easier.

For those of you who are still learning to play golf or are beginners, it is recommended that you use a golf stick with a stem made of graphite to make it easier to adjust to your abilities. Those of you who are beginners will certainly be too bothered if you directly use the heavy one so adjustments are needed in it.

5. Stick Size
The fifth difference that needs to be known from men’s and women’s golf clubs is that it can be seen from their size. This is related to the length of the stick, which for men tends to be made longer than for women. Even though the length difference given is not too striking.

Golf clubs used for men tend to measure around 179cm. Meanwhile, women tend to use a slightly shorter size of around 175cm. The difference in size obtained from the two is only about 4cm of course.

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