Not Only Style, Golf Can Extend Life!

Because the equipment is quite expensive, golf has always been considered synonymous with a high-end sport. However, behind it all, it turns out that the benefits of playing golf can have a positive impact on health. Starting from burning calories to make life longer.

In one golf session, it usually takes about 4-5 hours. For example, if someone plays 18 holes and brings their own golf club, they burn 360 calories per hour.

Benefits of playing golf
Despite the reputation of playing golf as opposed to high-intensity sports such as marathon running or HIIT, there is plenty of research that proves the benefits of playing golf. In fact, elderly people can also feel the positive impact on health. What examples?

1. Live longer
A person’s age is a mystery, that’s true. However, there is an interesting study from a group of researchers from Sweden. When comparing people who regularly play golf and those who don’t, those who are active live 40% longer than those who are inactive. Research subjects are in the same age range.

Research conducted in 2009 took a database of golf players in Sweden. Interestingly, the Swedish Golf Federation has a very large membership of over 600,000 people. Because in Sweden, people who want to play golf must have a membership.

2. Burn calories
What sport is a favorite is a personal choice. For those who like to play golf, playing 18 holes for 4 hours on average will burn 360 calories per hour if you bring your own golf club. Even if you use a pull-cart, the calories burned are still the same.

Meanwhile, if you play golf and change locations driving a golf cart, you burn about 200 calories per hour. So, even though this exercise is not high-intensity and makes a flood of sweat, there are still calories burned.

3. Reducing the risk of heart disease
Observational data from the Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS) show that the risk of death from heart disease in people aged 65 years and over is lower when actively playing golf. The frequency is at least once a month.

Participants in this study had an average age of 72 years. At the end of the study period in 1999, the evaluation of heart health showed a difference. Of the 5,900 individuals, 384 play golf. The prevalence of stroke is about 8.1% and heart attack is around 9.8%.

However, this study did not show in detail whether participants played golf on foot or on a golf cart.

4. A place to socialize
There is a close relationship between socializing and mental health. The good news is, the atmosphere created when playing golf such as walking, talking, and feeling relaxed even though you are exercising is very suitable as a sport for older people.

Not only that, playing golf is an alternative for elderly people whose body capacity may no longer allow high-intensity physical activity.

Maximizing the benefits of playing golf
If you’re already a regular or are just starting to play golf, here are a few notes worth trying to maximize the benefits:

When playing golf, as much as possible choose to walk instead of driving a golf cart to burn more calories
Bring your own golf clubs (clubs) or use a pull-cart to build strength and endurance
Avoid bad habits that are actually opposite to the benefits of playing golf such as eating junk food snacks in between sports
Of course the most important thing about exercising is consistency. For those just starting out, try starting with a low frequency. Only when the pattern and schedule have been formed, add the frequency of playing golf every month.

Source: SehatQ

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