Determining The Handicap With The 36 System

Besides having to practice hitting with a good swing, amateur golfers need to know how to calculate handicaps. Swargaloka Golf Club is now using a new way of determining golfers’ handicaps. By using system 36.

The trick is to calculate the total score for each par from hole 1 to hole 9 (first round). Then the scores from holes 1-9 are added up. Then calculate the score of each par on hole 10 to hole 18 (second round). Then the 10-18 hole scores are added up. If you have got a score in each round, then the two first and second round scores are added up. The result of the sum of these scores can determine a person’s handicap. Reduce it by 36.

For example, a golfer’s score is 19. So the formula is 36-19 = 17. So this golfer’s handicap is 17. In Swargaloka golfers with a handicap of 17 are usually in the Flight B category. “The golfer’s handicap consists of 1 to 24.

The fewer handicaps the golfer is already a pro. On the other hand, more handicaps mean that the golfer is still an amateur or just learning to play golf,” said the manager of Swargaloka Golf Club, Erliyanor, Saturday (22/2) morning.

This 36 system is a very easy system to calculate the golfer’s handicap. Valid for every championship at Swargaloka Golf Course. The committee always uses this formula. “We were able to quickly summarize each golfer’s handicap. Calculating Nett is also easy. The formula is Par-Handicap = Nett. For example 72-17 = 55,” he explained.

Source: Prokal

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