What Happens If You Rarely Exercise

It is not enough just to eat a balanced healthy diet, it is also necessary to exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body. Every week the body needs about 150 minutes to be active by exercising. Well, these 7 things you will experience if you are lazy to exercise regularly

– Not sleeping well
Exercise is useful for encouraging the release of hormones in the body, so you will sleep better at night. If the body lacks movement, then less energy is released by the body. As a result we will easily stay awake longer, or maybe all night when it’s time to sleep because of excess energy that is not channeled.

– Weight Gain
The body’s metabolic rate will slow down if the body lacks exercise. The result is predictable, the body will become fat faster.

– Muscle Builder
Your muscles will also be affected if you don’t exercise enough. Muscle mass will decrease because it is not trained properly.

– Easily Tired
Exercise is useful for increasing the strength and vitality of the body. When you start exercising less often, your vitality will decrease and you will get tired easily.

– Increase stress
When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which make you feel better or happier. Well, if you rarely exercise, your stress level can increase because fewer endorphins are released by the body.

– Easily hungry
The less you move, the less controlled your appetite will be. The body will ask for an outlet, namely by eating.

– When the body’s
metabolism slows down due to infrequent exercise, the body will be increasingly lazy to move and lack energy. This then makes you feel unmotivated.

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