What is The Size of a Golf Course?

The sport of golf is played on a specially designed field. This land is usually called a golf course or golf course (golf course).

A golf course is a medium for playing the sport of golf. Golf is a game that does not have a standard playing field, but is played on a golf course, each of which has a unique design. Therefore, golf courses are always different in size, topography and environment. Around is different. And it can be said that the golf course is the most beautiful and coolest sporting place, because the outdoors is specially designed to become a golf arena.

A golf course has a number of holes (holes) which generally consist of 9 holes or 18 holes.

The first stroke starts from the teeing ground. This first shot is called the teeing shot. The grass on the teeing ground is well cared for. After the first stroke, the player hits the ball again from the position of the last ball after the first stroke. The ball can land on the fairway or in the rough. The grass on the fairway is cut short so the ball is easy to hit. Whereas in the rough, the grass is longer than on the fairway so the ball is difficult to hit. Players keep hitting until the ball goes into the hole (hole or cup). Each hole has only one hole.

Each hole usually has obstacles or hazards. Obstacles consist of two kinds, namely; water barriers such as rivers or lakes, and bunkers (bunkers) in the form of basins filled with sand.

Green refers to the putting area. On the green, players are only allowed to use a golf club called a putter. The grass on the greens is cut very short so the ball can roll easily. The hole must be 108 mm (4.25 in) in diameter, always in the grass and at least 100 mm (3.94 in) deep. Cups are usually marked with a flag so that players can see them from a distance.

A course has boundaries marked with pegs. Outside the sign, it is called the out of bounds zone or OB for short. If the player’s ball lands in the OB zone, the player will receive a penalty of 1 stroke and repeat the stroke from the previous place.

On most golf courses, there are additional facilities that are not part of the course itself. Such as the practice range which is accompanied by practice greens, bunkers, and driving areas where long-distance shots are practiced. In addition, there is also a practice course, which is usually easier and shorter than a regular golf course.

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