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Menikmati Hidup Sambil Bermai Golf? 5 Destinasi Wisata Golf Yang Harus Kamu Kunjungin!

Bermain golf menjadi salah satu pilihan yang tepat dalam menikmati hidup. Pernahkah kamu membayangkan bagaimana bermain golf ditemani oleh keindahan alam dan budaya yang ada. Berikut merupakan 10 destinasi wisata golf yang harus kamu kunjungin. 1. St. Andrews, Skotlandia

Invite Children to Activities Outside

The sport of golf is no longer only in demand among adults. Children also pay attention to this game. What are the benefits that can be obtained from golf for your little one? If you look at the last few years, there have been many schools or golf courses specifically designed for children. The age […]

Turns out Golf Courses Contain Toxic Substances! Listen Here!

Not a few people in the world who like this sport, especially those from the elite. However, be wary of staying on the golf course for too long. The reason is, in environmental studies it is stated that there is a lot of use of toxic substances on golf courses. Golf fever in Asia is […]

The World’s Most Expensive Golf Course, Even Up To Rp1.44 Trillion!

The most expensive golf courses in the world are carried by several places to play this sport scattered in various parts of the world. No doubt, playing golf in these three places can further increase your prestige. As is known, the sport of golf itself is quite synonymous with expensive costs. Because, in addition to […]

Breakfast Ball in Golf? What Does it Mean?

If you’ve ever played golf, particularly in the morning, you’ve no doubt seen someone hit a bad shot off the first tee. And then, almost instinctively, someone in the group said, “Go ahead and take a breakfast ball.” Then the player who hit the bad shot gets another ball, tees it up and hits again. […]

These are The Facilities That Can be Accessed at Damai Indah Golf PIK

Damai Indah Golf Pantai Indah Kapuk is one of the largest golf courses in Indonesia which is located north of the city of Jakarta. The beautiful peace of beautiful Kapok beach golf was designed by one of the finest course designers Robert Trend Jones. Here are 5 (five) facilities that can be used at Damai […]

This Golf Course in Indonesia is Often Visited by Foreign Tourists

Special golf courses are slightly different from other types of sports fields in general. Because this one field is generally surrounded by beautiful scenery in the form of shady trees decorated with fresh green grass. There are even several golf courses in Indonesia that are often visited by foreign tourists. List of Gold Fields Most […]

Take a Peek at World Class Golf Courses Among Oil Palm Plantations

Playing golf at the Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort (TPGR) is a challenging activity for both beginners and professionals alike. The three choices of Tanjong Puteri golf courses will provide the best golfing experience you will ever encounter. Best Choice Tanjong Puteri Golf Course in Johor If you have the opportunity to visit Pasir Gudang in […]

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