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Maintaining Mental Health by Exercising

In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, exercise is also a part of a healthy lifestyle that everyone needs to do. However, not only for physical, exercise is also good for maintaining mental health, you know. Of course, these benefits can only be felt if you exercise regularly, balanced with other healthy lifestyles, such […]

Do You Want to Burn Calories? Just exercise in Colder Air. Is it true?

Many do not know that exercising in cold weather can be more effective than exercising in hot air. This is because your body can actually burn more calories when you sweat in cold weather. This is because humans have two types of fat cells, namely white fat cells and brown fat cells. White fat cells […]

Reason Why You Often Feel Sleepy after Exercise

There is a reason why you often feel sleepy, especially after exercise. However, what you should know is that drowsiness can be a sign that your body is having problems. Reporting from purewow.com, here are some reasons why you often feel sleepy after exercise. Curious? 1. You’re not getting enough sleep Apart from fatigue from […]

Exercise on an Empty Stomach, Is it OK?

Basically, exercise done on an empty stomach can maximize fat burning potential. Your body doesn’t process or digest food when you exercise on an empty stomach. Reporting from purewow.com, the benefits of exercising on an empty stomach are increased liposis, fat oxidation, and decreased insulin levels. Increased liposis is when the body breaks down fat […]

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