Types of Size Golf Cars With The Best Quality

A golf cart is a car that is usually used when playing golf. But the function of the golf cart itself is not only as public transportation when playing golf, but can be used when there are important people who have a tour schedule or to just go around the exhibition. In addition, the size of the golf cart is also a separate consideration for the quality of the car.

  1. Agy Airport Electric Curler

This car has the characteristics of the most simple and quite dashing when used around the golf course. This car is driven directly by electric power in a car that can produce 48 Volts of power. With a passenger capacity of 5 to 6 people, it can reach speeds of 30 km/h when used. By having a heavy load of 420kg with a golf cart size of around 2930 x1460 x2100 mm, this car can go quite fast when used later.

  1.  Golf Mat Car

This car is the latest car with a size of about 2350 x 980 x 1650 mm with a weight range of 234 kg. In this golf cart, fuel is added using electric power. For the power used is around 48V with a passenger capacity of 3 to 4 people. The design on this car is also similar to a motor vehicle and the color display used is red. The type on this car is 100/90-10 vacuum tires

  1. Golf Cart Limo

This golf cart has a length of about 401 cm with a width of 170 cm and a height of 136 cm. Of course, it has a fairly good and safe carrying capacity coupled with a body design made of fiber. This car also weighs about 336 kg without using a battery and has an electric power of around DC 48 Volts.

  1. Battery Dimensions of 4 Seats Electric Golf Cart (LT-A4) Trolley

The dimensions of this golf cart are around 3100 x 1200 x 1900 mm with a maximum speed of about 24 km / h using an electric fuel type that can produce about 48 Volts in the use of this one vehicle. With USB battery US8VGC batter 8V, 6 units.

The use of this car can accommodate about 3 to 4 people. The display on this car is also facilitated by glass that uses a sunroof and floor. This car uses Autiskid rubber floors and a steering wheel that is modified with a double strut automotive style so that it can adjust to the rack and pinion steering.

  1. Battery 2 Seaters Electric Car

This one vehicle also has a diameter of about 2020 x 1170 x 1610 mm and weighs 520 kg with a battery. For the speed of this car can also reach 40 km / h with a passenger capacity of about 1 to 2 people. This car is LT-S2.DB type.

The display on this car is also facilitated by a glass that can see the overall view and the presence of mirrors around the left and right, hand operated and dual automotive strut style steering that can adjust the pinion and rack when operated.


Source : academicindonesia.com

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