Sports Similar to Golf That Can Also Be an Option

Many people feel that golf is a sport that needs to be expensive to do. Therefore, some people are looking for alternative sports such as golf as an option. For those of you who are interested in the sport of golf but want a cheaper version.

  1. Gateball

Gateball is a game that combines golf and chess. Gateball players use a stick that has a hammer-like shape with a length of 110 centimeters and is used to hit the ball and put it into three gates in the form of small goals.

However, this game is not easy because players need dynamic ways and strategies to prevent opponents from entering the ball into the gate. In this game the players are not required to pass and there is no physical contact. So that this gatebal game is very safe and suitable for the physical condition of even the elderly players.

The difference between the game of golf and gateball is if the golf is put in the hole but if the game is gateball the ball is put into a small goal. In general, gateball is played by two teams. One team consists of five people.

In this game, the two opposing teams must compete to collect the most points. Each member must enter the ball into three goals before completing the game, that is, through the last stroke the ball must hit the post located in the middle of the field.

Currently gateball is growing rapidly in various provinces in Bali, Central Java, West Java, Yogyakarta, Banten, Jambi to East Kalimantan. This one sport has benefits, namely it can increase a sense of cooperation, sportsmanship, mutual respect, self-confidence, punctuality, accuracy to speed.

  1. Woodball

The next golf-like sport is Woodball. In this woodball game, players have to hit a wooden ball with a wooden stick or what is called a mallet. The wooden ball that is hit is directed to the gate or small goal made of wood.

This woodball game is played on an open field with a field length of 50 m and a width of 3 m. The winner is the one who gets the ball into the gate the fastest with the fewest strokes.

  1. Table tennis

Table tennis or a game known as ping pong is a sport that is played by two pairs or two opposite people. The tool commonly used in table tennis is called a racket or bet. While the court of this table tennis game is in the form of a table. The racket used for table tennis is made of a wooden board covered with rubber.

The game of table tennis or commonly known as ping-pong originated in England in the 1880s. At first the game of table tennis could only be played by British nobles. But at the beginning of the 20th century this game began to develop rapidly to the European continent. While in Indonesia the game of table tennis was only known in the 1930s which was discovered by EC. Goode.

The objective of this table tennis game is to win the game by collecting as many points as possible. This table tennis game can generally be completed if in one set, one of the players can get 11 points. However, victory will be achieved when the game has reached 3 to 4 times of winning sets.

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