The World’s Most Difficult Sport is Golf?

According to research by experts, golf is one of the most difficult sports in the world. So if you feel like you are not progressing or the score is up and down, please understand.

Golf is the only sport where the champion cannot win in 60% of the tournaments he participates in. Just look at Tigerwood in 2013, they don’t always win, after winning before, they finally fell in the 30s

The size of the difficulty level depends on your definition of the minimum skills that a person must have to be able to play a particular sport. To be able to enjoy playing golf you can take hundreds of hours of practicing golf. One senior player said that you have to practice hitting at least 10,000 balls to achieve a decent beginner golfer.

Practice hitting golf is done at the driving range with an average of hitting 100 to 200 balls per practice, so you need at least 50 to 100 practice at the driving range to have good basic skills with a score under 100, so don’t rush to throw it away stick because it doesn’t penetrate under 100

To be able to play “bogie golf” (a score of 90 or less), most experts estimate that it takes the average player six years of regular playing and weekly golf lessons.

But I’m sure you don’t need to be 6 years old if you want to seriously train smart,
On the golf channel they claim that an average golfer takes around 300 weeks to learn playing at least 32 holes per week (2 x 18 holes per week) for many years.

This is a huge investment of time, over 20,000 hours of practice. For example, if you take 5 hours to play 18 holes, you are looking at a minimum time investment of 10 hours per week, 40 hours per month, for a total of 360 hours of practice annually. It’s not just a sport, it’s a second job.

PGA professionals like Tiger Woods hit hundreds of balls every day and becoming good at golf requires a lifetime of dedication. Golf is not a casual game but a sport that requires dedication and commitment:

Long walks – Advanced golfers must be able to control a club speed of at least 70 miles per hour to hit the green proficiently (1 stroke at par-3, two strokes at par-4, and three strokes at par-5), and most male golfers trying to reach a 100+ MPH swing, a club speed that can translate into a 300 yard drive (three football fields long).

But nowadays it’s easier to achieve, because of the high-tech, titanium drivers that can add 100 meters to the swing duffers and straighten-out shanked drives.
If golf is so hard, why do people play?

Golf is unique among sports in that all players sometimes get a glimpse of greatness. Even a beginner will get the occasional adrenaline rush from hitting a long strait trip or sinking a 30 foot putt, and that’s what makes the game of golf addictive. Even simple players can play the same programming as the pros, and that’s what makes watching golf on TV so much fun. You can follow Tiger Woods playing the same course that you’ve played and you’ve come to appreciate the incredible skills that come from years of dedicated practice.

Golf is also a big game because it doesn’t require high athletic skills, even a non-athletic person can reach the club’s 100 MPH speed. Golf is more about flexibility than raw strength, as evidenced by the tall and slender Tiger Woods, who doesn’t have huge muscle mass, but incredible flexibility. It’s the stretching and releasing of muscles that makes for a long ride, not violence.

In short, golf will always be a game with obstacles to start playing, but for those who are committed to playing it, golf is the greatest sport in the world.

Source: cepagram

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