Playing Golf in The Middle of a Pandemic is Not an Obstacle

The Covid19 pandemic did not become an obstacle for athletes and golf lovers to practice, because during the pandemic there were actually many athletes and golf lovers such as beginners playing golf at the Golf Course at km 5 Palangka Raya. This was stated by the Central Kalimantan Golf Coach, Sugeng to RRI. Sunday (16/01/2022).

“Playing golf in the midst of a pandemic has become an option, because it is safe from covid 19, because it does not crowd, sunbathe and play on a large area, but still applies the procedures for wearing masks and washing hands before and after playing golf,” said Sugeng.

So far, many novice players who want to play golf during the pandemic, starting at an early age or ordinary people, they are taught to play golf until they can, taught how to hold a golf club correctly, even how to hit the right way, and this is free for novice players.

“Playing golf here is all free and accompanied, if you don’t have sticks and balls, they are available and loaned to beginners so they can play golf,” he concluded.

According to him, being a golf athlete is very easy, just being diligent and exercising regularly. Sugeng invites residents or golf lovers to come to the Km 5 Palangka Raya golf course to join in playing golf.

Golf is one of the sports under the guidance of the Central Kalimantan Koni, so that novice players or athletes do not rule out the possibility of becoming professional athletes, if their strokes are good and of good quality, they can be recruited to become Central Kalimantan athletes for the upcoming PON.


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