Benefits of Golf in terms of Physiology!

All types of exercise must have benefits, especially for the health of the person who does it. The activity of moving the limbs is very useful for stimulating the sensory and motor nerves in our body. The higher the intensity of physical activity in a type of sport, the more benefits it will have for the body. But is it true?

It turns out that this is not always the case, the proof is that the sport of golf, which is just hitting the ball in the hole, has a lot of benefits for our health. Because it’s a fact, even if the intensity is small/low, a sport can also be very beneficial if done regularly.

In addition to health, did you know that the sport of golf also has benefits from the other side? Yep, golf, which is synonymous with high-end sports, has also been proven to be able to streamline the negotiation process for a business. But how can that be? Yes, it’s possible that the name is also a businessman, there must always be a strategy.

Benefits of golf from the side of physiology. In simple language we can call Physiology for health. Here are the benefits of golf for Physiology:

Train Physical and Cardio
Walking down the meadow where golf is played can be classified as a physical exercise. We all know, of course, how big is a golf course? Even if you walk casually, it turns out that this activity is able to burn calories in a hefty amount. And of course, it is very good for training the heart (cardio).

Reduce Stress Level
Sports activities of any kind can release endorphins. Endorphin hormones in the human body are stimulating, so you can automatically forget for a moment the things outside of this activity that disturb your mind.

Increase Focus
Playing golf requires a fairly high level of focus. By focusing only on golf activities, it will certainly have an impact on your daily life. Indirectly you mean to train your concentration and focus to be better than before.

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