The Best Women Golfers in the World

Often considered an attractive sport for men, in fact golf is one of the sports that women are interested in. This is because in recent years, female golf athletes have managed to record several proud achievements in this one sport. Who are they? The following is a list of talented female athletes in the field of golf.

1. Chayenne Woods

You must have been familiar with one of the world’s best golfers, Tiger Woods, Chayenne Woods himself is the nephew of Tiger Woods. This American-African descent woman has been in the golf world for a long time. Since the age of 5, Chayenne Woods has been playing on this gridiron.

In addition, the woman who was born on July 25, 1990 is also one of the sixth Afro-American women to successfully play on the LPGA tour. This is of course familiar, because since childhood this woman has grown up in a family of golf lovers. So, he was used to the atmosphere and the game of golf.

Since 2012, Chayenne has been a professional golfer and is one of the most talented female golf athletes today. although the name Chayanne Woods still can not be ranked top of the golf players in the world, but she has managed to create 8 birdies on 18 holes in the LPGA tour tournament.

2. Jin Young Ko

This South Korean woman started her career in playing golf since 2013. In the LPGA Korea tour from 2014 to 2017, she won this tournament 10 times. Of course, it is a very proud achievement.

Not only that, in 2014, Jin Young Ko also managed to win the Nefs Masterpiece which made it his first professional win. In the Ricoh Women’s British Open in 2015, she also won the runner-up position. It was only in 2018, Jin young Ko joined the LPGA Tour.

While playing on the LPGA Tour, Jin Young Ko played 25 events. Another achievement is that she won the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open for the first time. And the championship that he is most proud of is that he won the LPGA, The ANA Inspiration. Thus, she became the number one best female golf player in the world.

3. Lydia Ko

Not only Jin Young Ko, another talented female golfer who was born from South Korea is Lydia Ko. Her name managed to grab the attention of the world’s public because she managed to become the youngest female golf athlete. This is because in 2015, she was named the number one female golfer in the world.

Even though in that year, Lydia Ko was still 17 years old. This New Zealand player made his debut playing on the LPGA Tour at the age of 14. Even before the age of 17, Lydia Ko entered the top 100 most influential people in the world according to Time magazine.

4. Ryu So Yeon

One of the female golfers who is talented and has great potential in the golf world is Ryu So Yeon. This South Korean woman has been a professional female golfer since the age of 17. Ryu So Yeon was born on June 29, 1990 and managed to get the attention of a wide audience when she won The American Cactus Tour in 2008.

Of course, this victory became his first championship title since he became a professional golf athlete. Then, another victory came and made Ryu So Yeon’s career even more brilliant. And the peak of this golf player from South Korea was in 2017, where she was listed as one of the first female golfers in the Women’s World Golf Ranking.

5. Lexie Thompson

Lexie Thompson is one of the best and youngest female golfers to ever play on the LPGA Tour. The player from Florida, United States of America is one of the youngest players to qualify for the US Women’s Open. It was noted that when she passed the qualification, Lexie Thompson was still 12 years old.

Of course, the talent he had since he was a child bore sweet results. Lexie made her debut as a professional golfer in 2010. Furthermore, the career of this USA woman also looks very bright. Not surprisingly, with the various victories she has won, Lexie also occupies the 10th position in the Women’s World Golf Ranking.

These are some of the best and most talented female golfers in the world. Many of them have debuted as professional golfers from a fairly easy age. Therefore, the presence of this talented female golf player will certainly be an inspiration for those of you who want to work in this field.

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