Tips for Keeping Golf Equipment Safe While Traveling

In the game of golf, you need qualified golf equipment. And it can be said that it requires a fairly high cost because the price is not cheap. For that, when you are going to travel long distances with golf equipment, you must keep it safe. Here are some tips for maintaining golf equipment to keep it safe on the road.

As a professional golf athlete, of course, you will face various tournaments in many countries. As a result, traveling abroad by plane is an option. And while going on this trip, it would be inconvenient especially if you took care of everything yourself. Where the problem of goods is a crucial and important thing to pay attention to.

Not a few stories of loss of goods or damaged goods while traveling. Likewise when you bring your golf equipment to out of town or country by plane. This has been experienced by golfer from South Korea In Kyung Kim. Where Kim lost his golf club while flying on American Airlines.

As we know, the golf club affects a person’s game. For that, Kim took steps to report to the airline. Kim, however, was asked to be patient and wait for the examination to be carried out. Until finally, his gold stick was actually found by his fans.

Where golf equipment belonging to this professional golfer has been sold in a sports shop. His fans, consisting of three people, helped until Kim was able to get back all the contents of his bag. Of course you don’t want something like this to happen to you. For this reason, it is important that you know tips for maintaining golf equipment when traveling by plane.

1. Choose Direct Flight
So that your trip is comfortable and your belongings are safe, you should not choose a transit flight schedule. With direct flights, it means you don’t have to change planes that allow your belongings to be moved. In the process of transferring the risk for your goods to be lost is of course wide open.

In addition, you also don’t have to worry about the goods being damaged due to the transfer process. Direct flights will also make travel faster. In order to get the schedule that suits you, it’s a good idea to book well in advance. at this time to book a plane ticket is also not a difficult thing.

2. Choose Good Quality Bags

For tips on maintaining golf equipment when traveling by plane, the next thing is to use a high-quality bag. This will reduce the risk of damage due to impact. If you do have a medium quality one, then you have to use additional protection from a slightly hard material so that the golf club doesn’t break.

3. Pay attention to the rules for carrying a golf bag

Not only use bags that have good quality, but also have to pay attention when carrying them. If you bring a golf bag when using the plane, it will be different if you use another vehicle. Because at some airports, your golf bag will be delivered using a regular baggage carousel.

That means your bag will join the other passengers’ belongings. Meanwhile, if you visit Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, Georgia, your bag will be dispatched from a different place. For that, it would be nice if you understand this information as tips for maintaining golf equipment while traveling by plane.

4. Add ID

We never know what calamity could happen in the future. Just in case, it’s a good idea to add an ID to your bag. With identification, it will be easy to find your belongings among other passengers’ belongings. You can also use bags with bright colors to make them easy to spot.

It is also possible to slip a business card in the identity storage area in the bag. The goal, if later your item is lost, the person who found it can be easy to contact you. These steps will be very useful when something unexpected happens. Especially if the bag contains golf equipment that has become a favorite.

5. Manage Luggage Well

Traveling requires several items, from clothes to space for gifts. For those of you who play golf, you should use a large bag to store your golf equipment. Also use one travel bag for clothes and more. That way you will have no trouble carrying these items.

Carrying too many bags also exceeds your ability to make it difficult later. Bags lost or left behind can happen if you carry too many items. You should also not put electronics in your golf bag. Moreover, you are still in doubt, you can use a delivery service as tips for maintaining golf equipment while traveling.

Those are some ways that you can apply to maintain your golf equipment when traveling by train. Loss or damage to goods is not impossible, therefore there is nothing wrong with being on guard. Considering golf equipment is not cheap and means a lot to golf players.

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