Doing a Greenside Bunker Try These Tips!

In playing golf, there are many techniques that you can use to score. One that you can try is the greenside bunker technique. For those of you who are still confused about how to do this one technique, here’s a full review for you.

The Greenside Bunker Technique at a Glance What You Need to Know

When you are playing golf, of course, every player is not always in a lucky position. This is because sometimes the ball can fall on the bunker and sandy area. So that it will make golf players have to remove the ball with difficulty.

The reason is, when you hit a ball that fell in a sand bunker with a distance of about 30 to 40 yards, then this of course has its own level of difficulty. Compared to you hitting the ball from the green area. For that, golf players need to have this one technique.

The greenside bunker technique is considered to be one of the most effective techniques to get the ball out and hit it close to the hole. For those of you who have just played golf or are already professional golfers, hitting a dropped ball in the sand bunker area is a difficult thing. Therefore, you can learn these tips.

In doing this one technique there are several steps that you need to know. For the first stage, you must first check the condition of the sand bunker area and also the ball. If you want to hit the ball from the bunker, then you also need to check whether the ball is completely submerged or only halfway.

When the ball you have is still submerged in half, then this can give hope that the ball will be released easily. However, when the ball you have has sunk and is completely covered with sand, then this tends to be difficult to do.

For that, for those of you who want to do the greenside bunker technique, you need to take a basic stance first on the bunker shot. By taking a basic stance when you want to hit the ball in the sand, try to do it with a stable posture.

First, you can use the forelegs that serve as the foundation of your body weight. Next, you can position the ball on your horse in the middle. Then, you can direct the clubface to face the ball.

Don’t forget to aim right at the target. In addition, when the ball you have is in the sand bunker area and around the green, you can place it slightly and aim it close to the left heel. Position your hands behind the ball to make this shot.

The next step, you can position the shot behind the ball. This is so that later the ball can bounce towards the green. You can position the golf club an inch behind the ball. You can also take into account the strength of the ball blow and also the amount of sand that will be hit later.

When you hit too much sand on the greenside bunker technique, you also need to hit it harder. However, when you find that there is less sand, you can hit the ball more slowly. But adjust so that the shot is able to lift the ball towards the green area.

When the blow has hit the ball, there will usually be a collision sound between the ball and the sand and the golf club. This can happen like an explosion from the sand. If you have been able to do this punch, then the technique is correct for you to do.

You also need to swing the stick with the previously calculated force. So this makes the ball and sand thrown into the bunker. Before doing this punch, you should estimate the size of the blow. For example, when the hole is about 10 meters from the distance of the ball, then you need to have the strength like hitting the ball with a distance of 30 meters.

When you do this greenside bunker technique, you need to do it with a comfortable posture. You also need to swing the clubhead with the focus under the ball. So that you can do it well, it would be better if you watch some videos on how to do this shot.

Those are a few things you need to know about this punch. This is an effort you can do to get the ball out of the sand bunker and continue the game. By mastering this technique, you don’t need to be afraid and worried anymore if your ball rolls and falls into the sand bunker area. You only need to do this one technique.

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