Playing Golf Accompanied by 300 Kangaroos, How Does It Feel?

The game of golf is played individually or in teams that compete to get the ball into the holes on the course with the fewest possible strokes. It sounds really cool if you can play golf, especially since this sport seems “expensive”. It is called so because the equipment used is quite expensive.

Maybe you already know that playing golf is usually accompanied by a male or female caddy, but this is different from golf courses in Australia. Anglesea Golf Course in Australia actually offers to play golf while accompanied by hundreds of kangaroos that roam freely. It’s a golf course or a zoo.

Home to Over 300 Eastern Grey Kangaroos

Anglesea itself is home to more than 300 Eastern Gray kangaroos. This is because kangaroos like to eat grass and live in places with lots of trees. Therefore, this golf course can be a habitat for these marsupials. However, kangaroos must of course avoid golf balls that float when someone is playing.

Well, even though this field is open to the public, golfers are also asked to be careful when playing and driving when passing through the field so as not to disturb or endanger the wildlife. In addition, the kangaroos will usually approach the visitors who come. Even though they look friendly, they can become aggressive when they feel threatened, especially when they see food.

According to the Anglesea Golf Course website, the University of Melbourne’s department of Zoology has been conducting research on kangaroos since 2004. Each animal is tagged, and researchers are also monitoring its life cycle and birth rate.

Kangaroo Sightseeing Tour

Not only managing the golf course, Anglesea Golf Course also provides kangaroo tours. The tourists will be invited to visit all the best spots occupied by kangaroos on this golf course.

Each tour traveler will be charged USD 8.50 for adults and USD 3.50 for children. In addition, the Anglesea Golf Course also has a mini golf course and a restaurant. Suitable to visit with family.

According to the Mother Nature Network, Anglesea isn’t the only place in Australia where you can find hordes of marsupials. Well, for those who want to have another experience playing golf accompanied by roaming animals, you can try visiting the Sanctuary Point Country Club in Australia. There you can see a large flock of chickens roaming freely. Is it really interesting to play golf in Australia?

After this pandemic ends, it will be fun to unwind by planning a trip while being able to exercise. One of them is playing golf accompanied by these 300 kangaroos. When else can you feel the sensation of sports while mingling with wild animals directly?


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