Grass at Golf Course

Currently, grass is no longer categorized as a nuisance plant. It can be said that the level of grass has gone up, especially in this modern era, several types of grass have been included in the category of ornamental plants. Grass can also be used as an ornamental plant and is also widely used to support the fulfillment of a modern lifestyle. One of them in the sport of golf. Golf is well-known as a high-class sport that is favored by state officials or wealthy businessmen. Golf is also synonymous with a very wide green field. The basic material for making the vast expanse of green is grass. The landscape grass that is widely used to make it is Bermuda grass. Not only that, this grass is also widely used in the manufacture of soccer fields.

Besides pleasing to the eye, Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) also excels in its fine, dense texture, easy to grow and easy to care for because it only requires a small supply of water so it is resistant to dry and hot conditions. If given full sun for about 8-10 hours / day, then the grass will grow thick and last longer. Well, for those of you who have a fairly large front or back yard, you can apply this beautiful grass. Make sure your home will look cooler and more comfortable. And good news for you turtle lovers! Because this grass can also be used as feed for your turtle. In addition to the famous elephant grass odot as animal feed, bermuda grass can also be useful as animal feed other than turtles.

To plant it is not difficult at all, just needed, take a little of your time, and of course prepare the seeds of bermuda grass (golf grass) to plant it. After that you can follow the steps below:

  • Loosen the soil first. Soil loosening can be done by hoeing the soil, cleaning the soil surface from rocks, mixing organic fertilizer in the soil and leveling it again. After that make a seeding hole with a depth of 3-5 cm
  • The day before sowing, moisten the soil with water and apply a grass starter fertilizer. (It is forbidden to use pesticides in the area that will be used as a nursery)
  • Sow the seeds with a ratio of 10 grams of seeds to approximately 0.6 m2 of soil. After that, cover the seeding hole again with soil until it is flat
  • Give it full sun needs and keep it moist by continuing to water it regularly until the grass reaches 5-7 cm high. Water carefully, don’t make the water stagnate

    After planting, rejuvenation needs to be done to keep the grass looking beautiful. The method:

  • Trim away the weeds that have grown as much as possible
  • Cut the grass short then clean the ground from the dead grass
  • Hoe back to the ground. Then level the soil surface again by adding compost to the soil
  • Sow the seeds with a ratio of 10 grams of seeds for approximately 1.3 m2 of soil
  • Add grass starter fertilizer
  • Give it full sun needs and keep it moist by continuing to water it regularly until the grass reaches 5-7 cm high.

    If you want to buy Bermuda grass seeds, please click here and click here to see various other grass seeds.

Source: seedflower

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