Reason Why You Often Feel Sleepy after Exercise

There is a reason why you often feel sleepy, especially after exercise. However, what you should know is that drowsiness can be a sign that your body is having problems.

Reporting from, here are some reasons why you often feel sleepy after exercise. Curious?

1. You’re not getting enough sleep

Apart from fatigue from not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough can also have negative health effects, such as slowing down your metabolism. Metabolism makes the body’s cells function properly.

One of the factors that is closely related to metabolic function is sleep. Lack of sleep has a profound impact on the body’s internal metabolic processes, which can also interfere with exercise.

2. You are dehydrated

You must understand the importance of drinking water. If you often feel tired or sleepy after exercise, you may not be drinking enough. Dehydration can cause headaches, loss of focus, fatigue, and a bad mood.

3. You eat the wrong food

The food you eat becomes the fuel that helps the body break down fat and sugar into energy. If you eat too many processed foods with little or no nutritional benefits, then it’s no wonder you often feel tired or sleepy after exercise.

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