Exercise on an Empty Stomach, Is it OK?

Basically, exercise done on an empty stomach can maximize fat burning potential. Your body doesn’t process or digest food when you exercise on an empty stomach.

Reporting from purewow.com, the benefits of exercising on an empty stomach are increased liposis, fat oxidation, and decreased insulin levels. Increased liposis is when the body breaks down fat cells and uses them as energy.

Fat oxidation is when the body burns energy from fat cells when the body’s glycogen is low. When the body rests, especially during sleep, insulin levels in the blood begin to fall, which means the body switches to using fat as energy instead of carbohydrates

Exercise on an empty stomach is safe to do, as long as you are careful. Exercising on an empty stomach can cause low blood sugar, which in turn causes dizziness or lethargy.

If done in good health, exercising on an empty stomach may not be a problem. For people with certain health problems, such as diabetes, you should contact your doctor first before trying to do it.

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