This Is What’s Inside A Golf Ball When It Cut Open

When the golf balls were split open, the contents were quite surprising.

Dream – Golf is a sport that is actually in great demand by the public. However, because the cost to be able to play golf is expensive, some people are content to just collect the ball.

If you’ve ever held a golf ball, you can certainly feel it’s a little heavy.

Maybe in your imagination, a golf ball filled with iron or something. Golf balls are made a bit heavy because they have to fight strong winds as they float in the air.

If you pay close attention, golf balls have a very large number of hollows.

According to What’s Inside, the more indentations in the surface of the golf ball, the more stable it is in the air and the farther it reaches.

Out of curiosity about the contents, the What’s Inside channel on Youtube conducted an experiment by splitting several golf balls of various types and brands.

Given that golf balls are solid balls, What’s Inside prepares a set of ‘weapons’ such as large butcher knives, axes, and hammers, to split the golf balls.

If all these weapons don’t work, What’s Inside plans to use a mini electric saw.

When the golf balls were split open, the contents were quite surprising. Golf balls are made in layers with different materials and colors.

Meanwhile, various materials ranging from rubber, resin, special fluids, to plastic are used to fill golf balls.

Source: Dream Muslim Lifestyle/YouTube;What’s Inside

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