Warm Up Before Playing Golf

Performing basic warm-up exercises and stretching before a game can reduce the chance of injury, as golf warm-up exercises can provide you with flexibility, strength and balance, which are the most important requirements for a good golf swing. In addition, it helps you to relax and deal with stress. These are all factors that will make your golf game better.

First, holding the knee or lifting the knee

Kneeling: Knees close to the arms. Position your arms about chest height, and keep your hips and knees at 90 degrees.
Lift your knees: hold your knees with your hands and cover your chest
Action essence: The frequency is stored 10-20 times during heating. Pay attention to the rhythm of the movement and the knee height, and make it step by step, from slow to fast, from low to high, and finally add the knee movement. The body must remain stable and have a rhythmic breath.

Second, training for ankle flexibility

Auxiliary equipment: towels. One knee is on the towel, the knee and wide joint remain straight, and the toes and knees run forward. When performing the movement, the body’s center of gravity is forward, the knees are extended forward toward the body slightly outward, the back foot ensures that the heel is raised, and the toes touch the ground to ensure a 5-10 second pause. Make sure your knees and ankles are retracted.

Third, stretch the inside of the thigh

Separate your legs to ensure a position that is wider than your shoulders. Keeping your chest and stomach raised, place your hands on your chest, tilt your body to one side, and pull it towards the inside of your thighs. His legs change. Pay attention to your knees and toes, and don’t stray. It is also possible to increase the difficulty of movement, while stretching the inner thighs, opposite sides of the abdomen and back are also stretched. Do not choke and stabilize your body during the movement.

Those are the ways to warm up before starting the sport of golf

Source: Legendtimes

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