Golf Facts

1. Golf Name
The name for this sport probably comes from the Scottish pronunciation of the word kolf. In Dutch, this kolf means stick or bat.

2. Golf originated in Scotland
The facts show that modern golf, as it is widely played today, originated and developed in Scotland.

Such as the facts of the first golf course or course, the first written rules, the first 18 hole golf course, and the first official golf tournament, all of which originated in Scotland.

Not long after that, the game of golf from Scotland then spread to England and around the world.

3. Hole on the Golf Course
For those who often play this sport, you probably already know how many holes there are usually on a golf course. Golf courses have holes which generally consist of 9 holes or 18 holes.

Each hole must have obstacles (hazards) which consist of two types, namely water obstacles such as rivers or lakes and bunkers (bunkers) in the form of basins filled with sand.

4. Old Golf Equipment
In the past, golf clubs were made from wood taken from the surrounding area. The more developed made from the hikori tree. Meanwhile, for the stick head, using American persimmon wood which has a strong and hard texture.

While the ball, used to use a ball made of wood. Then in the 17th century, wooden balls were replaced with balls of goose feathers wrapped in a pouch made of cowhide.

The ball is made by pressing or pressing it while the goose down and the bag is still wet, then sewn and painted. After drying, the leather pouch shrinks and the goose down expands, turning it into a hard golf ball.

5. Golf Stick Type
Golf sticks are also called clubs, which consist of three main types, namely wood, iron, and putter.

Wood is used to hit the ball that is very far away. While the iron is used to hit the ball medium distance. And third, putters are used to make goals or put the ball into the green or putting area.

Where the green or putting area has a very short cut grass condition, so the ball can roll easily.


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